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The PSOE criticizes that Benalmádena “does not exist” for the Board before its “null” investment in the city

The secretary of Organization and councilor of the PSOE of Benalmádena, María Isabel Ruiz; the secretary of Program and Ideas and Socialist councilor, Joaquín Villazón; and the Secretary of Administration and Socialist mayor, Javier Marín, have sent a press release in which they regret that the Government of the PP in the Junta de Andalucía “has decided to turn its back on Benalmádena.”

Ruiz has also taken stock of the work in Benalmádena of the opposition parties. “Contrast the positive balance of the municipal management recently carried out by our secretary general, Víctor Navas, with the destructive work and against which the opposition parties seem to have opted during the pandemic,” he pointed out.

The secretary has criticized that VOX “vote against absolutely any aspect of our management, including the modification of elements that we have promoted to guarantee the protection of the Tívoli World land to guarantee that its use is as a leisure park”.

Regarding the PP, Ruiz has stressed that the party and its spokesman, Juan Antonio Lara, have gone from opting for abstention “to betting on a work of destructive opposition and without proposals to the government team, and without caring about the damage they cause to the interests of the residents of Benalmádena ”.

Ruiz has also denounced “the total lack of political coherence of Juan Antonio Lara”, because, as he said, “in the previous legislature he praised the Government team for obtaining 10 million euros of Edusi funds, valuing the initiative as the best project for Benalmádena; and now it has come to qualify it as the worst possible political decision for the coast ”.

The socialist councilor asserted that “as he changes parties, Juan Antonio Lara also modifies his political approaches: he has already gone through so many parties that we do not know what to expect.”

In the same way, he criticized that “the the only concernof Juan Antonio Lara and the local PP is to whitewash the image of the Junta in the municipality, refusing to defend the interests of the locality despite the fact that we have already been three years in which the Government of Juanma Moreno in the Junta clearly turns its back on Benalmádena ”.

And it is that, in the opinion of Ruiz, “the Board of Juanma Moreno does not bet on any of the projects that Benalmádena needs, such as the new institute in Retamar, the Finca Doña María school or the expansion of the High Resolution Hospital”.

“We are still waiting for Lara to rule on a sentence that condemns the City Council to pay about 500,000 euros for the award of a contract, skipping the entire administrative procedure, by the former ex mayor of the PP, Paloma García,” he stressed.

The PSOE mayor insisted that the opposition in the municipality is “totally irresponsible.” Regarding the accusation of the opposition groups about lacking a city model, in the words of Ruiz, “this accusation falls by itself before the projects that we have been able to carry out during 2021 despite the difficulties of the pandemic: expansion of the Anica Torres senior center, the remodeling of the Casa de la Cultura, the Los Molinillos interpretation center or the enhancement of the archaeological site of Finale Ligure ”.

For his part, Joaquín Villazón has denounced “the null investment of the Board in Benalmádena: it seems that for Messrs. Moreno and Bendodo, Benalmadena citizenship does not exist.”

“I am surprised by the latest statements by the local PP spokesman, praising the Government of the Junta when its investments amount to zero, and we do not understand why they have stopped claiming, as they did in the previous legislature, the new institute or the expansion of the hospital, “the councilor denounced.

“With this attitude and statements, Lara seems to be more concerned about finding a place in the Junta, given his foreseeable failure in the next municipal elections, and it seems that they have stopped caring about the pending projects that the city needs,” Villazón has valued. .

Tívoli World

With respect to Tívoli World, an emblem of the Costa del Sol and an essential element of the productive fabric and the tourist attraction of Benalmádena, the PSOE recalled that “from the municipal government, and with the support of our government partners, the PSOE has all the resources of the local administration to guarantee its continuity, an effort that has not been accompanied by either the Andalusian Government or the Provincial Council, both institutions governed by the PP ”.

This political party has demanded “once and for all” that the PP bet on Tívoliand the defense of its continuity, “not allowing itself to be fooled by a property that all it does is extend the times while it still has the workers without any type of guarantee salary ”, they stressed.

“The impression that we have from the PSOE, endorsed by what citizens transmit to us in the street, is that the PP thinks that the worse it goes to Benalmádena, the better for its partisan interests,” criticized Marín.

According to the councilor, “it is time for all the political forces to pitch in to get out of this health and economic crisis, a crisis very poorly managed by the Board chaired by Juanma Moreno, which does not stop receiving funds from the Government that must return for their inability to manage their spending ”.



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