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The PSOE criticizes the opposition for “turning its back on the progress of Benalmádena”

The secretary of Administration and councilor of the PSOE of Benalmádena, Javier Marín; and the Secretary of Organization and Socialist Councilor, María Isabel Ruiz, have offered a press conference this morning to value the investments for Benalmádena that will be carried out with the credit supplement of more than 30 million euros, approved in the last plenary session extraordinary, with the votes against the opposition parties.

As Marín commented, “with the approval of this credit supplement we only seek to guarantee the economic endowment of a series of investments for the improvement of the municipality.”

In addition to being surprised by the vote against the opposition, Marín stressed that “it does not cease to amaze us that the already veteran PP spokesman in Benalmádena, Juan Antonio Lara, with more than 10 years already in municipal politics, continues to confuse such concepts. basic in the management of a city council like the items for investment with those of current expense ”. In this way, he stated that “it is time for Lara to learn once the rules of the democratic and administrative game, and stop showing signs of her ignorance of the local administration full after full.”

“The credit supplement guarantees investments as important for Benalmádena as the improvement of parks and gardens, the creation of a Citizen Service office in Benalmádena Costa, asphalt and steel plans, tree-lined plan, comprehensive remodeling of Avenida del Gamonal or the surroundings of the Arroyo health center, extension of the promenade to the Sunset Beach hotel… PP, Cs and VOX opposed all these projects with their vote against the credit supplement ”, the councilor denounced.

In Marín’s opinion, “the only reason that can explain the vote against the opposition is their selfish and electoralist approach to thinking that, the worse this municipal government and the City Council do, the better they will do in the next elections.” .

The Socialists insist that it is time for “all political parties to pitch in to help overcome the crisis caused by the pandemic with significant investments by public administrations” and underline that the opposition “turns its back to the progress of Benalmádena and the improvement of the quality of life of its neighbors, prioritizing the interests of their parties over the general good ”.

The socialist assured that “the only thing that worries Lara is to keep her chair within the PP of Benalmádena, VOX is always against any initiative of this government, and Ciudadanos is neither there nor expected.”

“The investments of the credit supplement are committed to a city model that we Socialists already have defined: larger green areas, greater prominence to pedestrians, reduction of polluting gases … The objectives set by the EU in its recovery funds, and in the that we are already working from the municipal government through a tactical urban planning, in which small actions facilitate urban transformations that mark great differences and improvements in the well-being of citizens ”, said Ruiz.

“For the first time in more than 10 years, we have obtained the necessary funds to make the investments that Benalmádena needs for its progress: we Socialists are already demonstrating with facts our commitment to improving Benalmádena, with initiatives such as the expansion of the participation center active of the elderly Anica Torres, improvement and remodeling of the assembly hall of the Casa de la Cultura, enhancement of the historical heritage of Benalmádena with the creation of the Los Molinillos interpretation center… ”, has valued Marín.



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