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The PSOE sues the City Council for “lack of transparency by not facilitating access to public information”

The PSOE has transferred to the courts the alleged “lack of transparency in access to public information” by the Benalmádena City Council, against which it has filed 18 lawsuits related to different documentation and/or information requested from the local Administration on files and procedures for which “they have not received a response or a denial agreement from the Mayor’s Office, many of which have been requested repeatedly and which remain unaddressed half a year after their request” .

The socialists have provided this medium with the writings and electronic record in which there is a record of the request for access to files in order “to obtain the necessary information that allows them to debate the full issues of interest to citizens and, in definitively, to be able to exercise the oversight and control work to which they are entitled as members of the corporation”.

In the words of the opposition leader exclusively for this newspaper, “going to court is the only alternative we have left, after almost six months of waiting, without being able to access information on issues that we understand are relevant to the city.”

To date, according to the socialist, 17 of the 18 demands have been admitted for processing, which he will report on tomorrow at a press conference. According to the contentious-administrative proceedings filed, the alleged inactivity of the City Council regarding the provision of information refers to issues such as washing with recycled water, technical reports on accessibility on Alay Avenue, the municipality’s beautification plan, the vendor integration plan. street vendors, file on a ford on the coast, water saving plan, various files on tree felling, culture, overtime, Arab souk, income from capital gains, renovation project of the Marina, contract and employment relationship of business advisors public, press contracting, district organization file or giant map activity, among others.

The need for access to these files responds, as Navas explains, “to the fact that we suspect that people related to the local government could be benefiting, that is, there could be alleged favorable treatment, and because we also want to know how much there is of truth in the communications they convey to the media about initiatives and projects, or if they are just selling smoke.

The Government team, through a press release sent yesterday afternoon, criticized the filing of these lawsuits by the PSOE, which they describe as “a strategy to judicialize any municipal matter to add to disputes and seek quick headlines in slow ones.” legal procedures, which have also already received a response from the municipal legal service, which makes it clear that there are political connotations in the matter discussed and everything seems to indicate that the request for reports follows a purpose specific to the political forum”.

In this sense, he assures that “so far, the dozens of requests for information made by opposition groups have been answered and the transparency channels have centralized and updated information on the web, from the mayor’s agenda to the minor contracts that Navas is then in charge of manipulating and transmitting as fake news to public opinion”.

The spokesperson for the municipal government, Presi Aguilera, has stated that, “no one willing to make a serious and responsible opposition takes a City Council to court for removing four bollards or for planning how to clean its streets in the middle of the summer season, only one hysterical opposition that needs to generate fake news and false headlines at all costs to discredit”, and has demanded that Navas “assume that he is no longer the mayor, that his job is to exercise an opposition based on responsibility, respect and seriousness, because “Not everything goes in politics” .

To which, the opposition leader clarifies that “the lawsuits filed respond to the lack of information and response” and that, “in no case is it intended to judicialize a specific action or project, since the problem is precisely that they deny us official information about them, despite the fact that we have requested it on repeated occasions in order, within our obligation as the opposition, to be able to carry out our work of inspecting the management of the municipality and to be able to propose edifying alternatives and provide constructive criticism”.

On the other hand, the local government understands that Navas in the various statements made public in recent months “lies and defames the management of the municipal government”. In this sense, he assured that “he has never purchased suitcases for the councilors to travel to the tourist fairs, but the suitcases, which were never purchased due to disagreements in the form of payment with the supplier, have been requested by and for tourism technicians to transport material at tourist fairs” -clarify that Ole Benalmádena when he published this information It literally complied with the City Council’s public contract both in amount, date, and concept and as of today, more than a month after said tender was published, it has not been sent to us nor has it been published on any official channel. , resolution to cancel said minor contract -, and that it will maintain free public transport this year, as announced this newspaper.

Regarding spending on flags, they assure that “it has not purchased flags worth 50,000 euros but has promoted a larger contract to avoid irregularities when contracting these items,” a contract which, as this media announced, amounts, including taxes, to 49,586.76 euros with the aim of “satisfying the need to supply institutional flags to meet the demand of the City Council.”

He also replied to the socialist spokesperson, who calculated that the implementation of the change in the municipal logo “it could cost a total of 150,000 euros”, that this amount “has not been spent and that the change of institutional image is still in development to be able to recover the symbol of La Niña de Benalmádena, restore the shields to those officially registered and also counting on the collaboration of municipal officials for its implementation”, without specifying any economic data in this regard or how its implementation is planned or its style manual. A rebranding that, regardless of its cost, the truth is that it has opened a debate that has crossed the borders of Benalmádena, prompting mockery from influencers in the field of graphic design and comments from thousands of users on social networks.



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