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The Puerto Deportivo of the Mesa Benalmádena Tennis Club beats Salduba in a great match

The teams of the Benalmádena Table Tennis Club continue to fight in the different national and Andalusian leagues. The first team continues in its line with a new victory, this time in Córdoba and also highlighted the good work of IES Albaytar Benalmádena against Estepona and Puerto Deportivo in the Andalusian Super Division, a team of youth players that is fighting to qualify for the gives promotion to the Andalusian League and is a true reflection of the excellent season that the new promises of the Benalmádena club are having.

Results in National Leagues (SDM)

  • Club Córdoba 2 – INPRE RSA ALSINA 4

Mario (1), Tortosa (2), Min Chen (1)

Good game and full of emotion in Córdoba, where our team added another victory with the contribution of all the players. As a negative point of the day, Mario conceded the first defeat of the season against an inspired Oña, as a positive point, the state of form of Min Chen, who won one match, the other he lost 3-2, fighting until the end and with a high level of play.

Results in Andalusian Leagues

Andalusian Super Division

  • Puerto de Benalmádena (4) – CTM Salduba B (2)

Pardo (1), Alejandro Bermúdez (2), Manu (1)

This team of homegrown players are tireless. Highlight Alejandro, who even caused the opposing paddler to drop the paddle on the table to applaud him for a point. Manu closed the victory in an agonizing sixth game, having to overcome a 2-0 deficit and winning the next three playing spectacularly.

Andalusian Division of Honor

  • Neumáticos Béjar Benalmádena 1 – Club Málaga 5

Emilio (1), Alexis (0), Juanlu (0)

The team continues to give everything every day. Juanlu continues to grow by leaps and bounds, Emilio is competitive and a fighter, increasingly calm, reads the games very well and does a lot of damage to his rivals, and Alexis Caballo, who is the player with the greatest sporting growth in the club, since he joined the federated group. It goes like a rocket.

  • CTM Estepona B 2 – IES Albaytar Benalmádena 4

Paco (2), Fernando (2), Miguel (0)

This team wants to reach the promotion phase, and continues to fight every week, another tough match overcome by this team of veterans. The goal is getting closer.

Andalusian League TN

  • Córdoba 6 a 8 TM (4) – Gala Decoración (3)

Rui Yao (2), Zijie (1), Mane (0)

Exciting match experienced by our team on their trip to Córdoba. Rui continues to prove to be a solid point guard in this category, winning his matches with solvency and leading the team, Zijie managed to score and Mane on this occasion, although he had it very close, did not achieve that long-awaited victory. The match was decided in an agonizing doubles that the opposing team won 3-2 and 12-10 in the last, more emotion impossible, and no more even either.



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