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The recent death of two homeless people in Benalmádena will arrive at the Plenary session on Thursday

The municipal spokesman of the Benalmádena PP, Juan Antonio Lara, accompanied by councilors from the municipal group have informed the public of the issues that their formation will raise to the next ordinary plenary session corresponding to the month of December and which will be held next Thursday.

ThePP will move to the plenary session “the concern over the recent death in Benalmádena of two homeless people” who, according to what this media has learned, spent the night in the vicinity of the Church of Arroyo de la Miel.

The PPwill ask explanations about the care that is being provided from the municipal area of ​​Social Services to these homeless people who live in the locality and specifically, “if the deceased man and woman have been provided at some point with some kind of service or care from this municipal Delegation.”

Regarding the problems surrounding the homeless, Caritas a few weeks ago started the campaign: No Exit? lost in a social protection system that does not protect. Specifically, Caritas highlighted that “the reality of homeless people shows us the most extreme face of social exclusion, a reality that cannot be interpreted from individual or personal situations. Its mere existence should make us question the model of society that we are building and in which each person participates in one way or another ”. 

In the report prepared by Cáritas regarding the people accompanied by the Program that they develop for the homeless, it stands out that 78% were menand 22% women. Regarding nationality, 72% were Spanish. The age group in which the largest number of people are located is that of 50 to 54 years, which groups 16% of people. People between the ages of 40 and 59 account for 45%. It should be noted that 43% of the homeless, cared for by Cáritas, do not have any type of income.

They will ask for a recognition for Ángel Cañizares

In another order of business, the popular will defend three motions in the next plenary session where they will request recognition from the architect Ángel Cañizares, “who left his mark on the city with works such as, for example, the rotunda of Los Molinillos, among many others.”

Too they will propose an agreement between all the parties to bring forward the inauguration of the Christmas lighting so that it is in tune with the rest of the surrounding municipalities “so that Benalmádena is not left behind” and, finally, a statement in support of the State Security Forces and Bodies before the Central Government’s modification of the Security Law.

Regarding the questions and answers section, the PP will ask again about the implementation of the single lane project on the Coast, the execution deadlines and the destination of the palm trees that are part of the median. In addition, they have announced that they will make a balance of “different electoral breaches of the PSOE in the matter of works -among those that stood out the parking of the Moriscas, Pasaje del Potro, or Salvador Vicente avenue- or the interest on the regulatory change regarding the PGOU ”.

On the other hand, Juan Antonio Lara has sent a congratulatory message to the newly elected new mayor of Torremolinos and party colleague, Margarita del Cid, whom he wished good luck and stated that “if the residents of Benalmádena confirm us in the As your trust urns, we will work together to restore relations between both institutions with the aim of launching projects that are beneficial to both cities ”.



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