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The renovation works of the Torremuelle water network reach its equator

The renovation works of the Torremuelle water network are at 50 percent. The mayor of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas; the CEO of Emabesa, Joaquín Villazón; and the manager of Emabesa, Pedro del Campo, today visited the Torremuelle urbanization to check the status of the works in which nearly two million euros have been invested.

Navas has underlined the importance of investment and work, and has highlighted that “the percentage of losses from the water network in Benalmádena is one of the lowest in the province: we are talking about around 17%, when there are cities that lose almost 50% of channeled water”.

The mayor has stated that the objective of this action in Torremuelle “is to continue improving the efficiency of the network, in a context of drought in which avoiding water losses is more important than ever, and we take advantage of the works to proceed to the asphalting of urbanization roadsthat had not renewed their pavement for decades”.

Once the work is finished, according to the mayor, Emabesa will have installed more than 200 new connections, more than 6 linear kilometers of new supply pipes, and more than 35,000 square meters of asphalt, some improvements that, in his opinion, “provide a significant leap in quality to this environment, demonstrating our commitment and effort to achieve improvements in each neighborhood and urbanization of Benalmádena”.

For his part, the Councilor for the Environment pointed out that with this work “we renewed practically the entire water network of the Torremuelle urbanization: due to their age and obsolescence they were in a poor state of conservation, with very high leaks.”

The workshave been divided into four phases, to partially replace the old network with the new one, “we have just proceeded to paint the traffic signaling of the second phase, once the area has been paved; we have started the third phase, which we hope to finish in June, and the fourth we hope to start it in October”, Pedro del Campo has detailed.

Emabesa, which is executing the renovation of the Torremuelle water network with an investment of €1,978,155.90, again apologizes to the neighbors for the inconvenience that these improvement works may cause.



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