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The SAS opens the vaccination against Covid for minors born in 2013

The Andalusian Health Service  (SAS) has opened the service of self-appointment of minors for the born in 2013, that is, to eight-year-old boys and girls for vaccination against Covid-19. The specific preparation for children of Pfizer, in addition to containing a smaller amount of active ingredient, separates the two doses an interval of eight weeks into one time of three. This age group will continue to be vaccinated throughout Andalucía from 11 to 5 years old  fundamentally in health centers and external points, although the intervention of mobile units is also planned. The appointment for the second dose will be given at the time of vaccination or will be called later to schedule it.

The SAS also recalls that it has opened the self-appointment agendas so that people who received AstraZeneca can receive the booster dose. They will be given a messenger RNA vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna).

Specifically, people who received a two-dose regimen of AstraZeneca at least three months ago will be able to receive this booster dose, regardless of whether they have had a covid infection before or after vaccination; people who passed the disease and then received a dose of AstraZeneca, or the other way around. It is recommended that pregnant women with these conditions also get vaccinated. For the moment, those who received a dose of AstraZeneca and then a dose of mRNA (Pfizer or Moderna), or vice versa, do not qualify for this booster dose, since it has been observed that the immunity and the efficacy of these heterologous regimens is more powerful and prolonged in these cases.

Information poster about vaccination.

The appointment request can be made through the usual channels: the SAS website through ClicSalud +, the mobile application and the Salud Responde phone number (955 54 50 60) and also at your health center, preferably by phone. Only people over 60 years old can go to points without appointment.

In addition, professionals who work in  help at home  will already be able to request an appointment also to receive the booster dose.

All information on vaccination is available on the website



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