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The school absenteeism commission attends to 70 cases of minors since its inception

The plenary hall of the City Council today hosted the last truancy commission for the 2021-22 school year. The mayor, Víctor Navas, has chaired the commission, which was also attended by the Councilor for Education, Pablo Centella; the Councilor for Security, Javier Marín; and the Councilor for Social Welfare, Alicia Laddaga.

Representatives of the agencies involved in the matter of absenteeism have been present: educational centers, Educational Inspection, Local Police, representatives of Ampas of educational centers, representative of the Guidance team, political representatives and technicians of Social Services and Education.

During the meeting it was found that the school absenteeism commission has worked on 70 cases of absentee children (56 at the Secondary level and 14 at the Primary level) since its inception.

The mayor has valued “the work carried out by the educational centers and the existing coordination between all the organizations involved”.

For his part, Centella valued that “for the government team this is a commission of great importance, because it is very effective, and it represents the entire educational community, and all the delegations that intervene in the event of absenteeism”.

The IU councilor has stated that “during this course there has not been a very high number of cases of school absenteeism, an aspect closely related to the good work carried out by educational centers in anticipating these situations, and by Social Welfare and Local Police when they occur”.

In the topics to be discussed, a follow-up of the cases of absentee minors has been carried out during this school year to the present. In addition, the various good practices implemented by the Social Services Delegation: Positive parenting workshops and the Nayfa program (of the Ministry of Equality, Social Policies and Conciliation), aimed at families with children in difficult and/or conflictive situations, and also one has been made training on the SIMIA procedure (information system on child abuse in Andalusia). Likewise, the Local Police has also exposed its interventions in the matter.



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