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The students of the Cerro del Viento High School of Art exhibit at the El Bil Bil Castle

You can now enjoy the Cerro del Viento Art Baccalaureate student exhibition at El Bil Bil Castle, which will be open to the public until June 10.

This type of high school connects students from different towns in the area such as Torremolinos, Fuengirola or Mijas, becoming an artistic reference in the region, training users in areas related to arts and design, and opening the way for them through knowledge in different branches. and artistic and creative modalities.

The works that make up the sample correspond to the various subjects that are studied in two years. In this way, Fundamentos del Arte delves into the history of art from prehistory to the present day, and investigates the iconography and the different artistic techniques of all times.

In Audiovisual Culture, everything related to images and their different uses, both still and in motion, is studied; the poster, comics, photography and cinema among other applications. On the other hand, in Life Drawing you learn to represent reality with different techniques. In Volume, three-dimensional projects with different materials are addressed, while in Design the shapes of objects and their construction are projected and studied. On the other hand, in Graphic-Plastic Techniques, the different materials and means of making images are studied in depth, and in Engraving, the different ways of generating serial images are studied.

Also part of this exhibition is the Equality for Art project, which has been carried out with a subsidy from the City Council and which was requested through the Center’s Association of Parents of Students.



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