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The students of the El Panal school start the course without dining room or library

The mayor of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas; and the Councilor for Education, Pablo Centella, have reported that the school year in the city began without incident except at the El Panal Public School in which, according to Navas, “after the Junta de Andalucía made a commitment last year to provide the facilities with its own dining room, to this day, with classes already started, is still not running ”.

The classrooms of this school were to date attached to the Miguel Hernández educational center but the Junta de Andalucía decided last January that for this school year both centers would be totally independent. However, according to Centella, “El Panal is not yet equipped to function as an independent school, and at the moment there is great concern among mothers and fathers of students because students lack a school cafeteria, in addition to other services such as a library.”

The mayor and the mayor of Education visited the CEIP Miguel Hernández. Cedida por Ayto. Benalmádena.

The Councilor for Education stressed that “from the City Council we are taking the necessary steps with the Board to try to solve this problem as soon as possible since the school cafeteria is a fundamental instrument for the family conciliation of mothers and fathers of students.”

Faced with the damage that such a circumstance entails for the parents of the students of this educational center, both in terms of conciliation and for those families that take up the dining room free of charge due to a situation of risk of social exclusion, the mayor has stated that “ from the Provincial Delegation of Education of the Board they assure us that before a period of two months the new spaces of El Panal will be enabled ”.

The mayor insisted that the government team is in contact with the delegate of the Government of the Junta de Andalucía in Malaga, Patricia Navarro, “to urge her speed to start up the Honeycomb dining room as soon as possible, among other things because they have already offered in this center for this course the school canteen places, an essential resource to facilitate parents of students to reconcile their work with the education of their children ”.

This school year, a total of 5,505 schoolchildren have been enrolled in Infant and Primary, and compared to last year, one more unit has been increased, adding in 2021 a total of 217. The mayor sent a message of admiration and gratitude to the educational community “for the great effort and commitment they have shown since the beginning of the pandemic, adapting to new demands, strictly complying with the necessary health security protocols and facing new difficulties with the professionalism that characterizes them ”.

Cleaning and disinfection

On the other hand, the Councilor for Operational Services, Salvador Rodríguez, reported on the thorough cleaning and disinfection work that has been carried out in the schools for the new school year.  These works to ensure a back to school all the guarantees, they have been carried out since the end of last August through a special cleaning device, some actions, according to Rodríguez explained, “which we have carried out jointly with PROVISE, at the request of the Department of Education ”.

Disinfection and cleaning tasks carried out by municipal workers. Cedida por Ayto. Benalmádena

The councilor assured that “this year we have followed the same line of action and effort as the previous one, although the vaccination rate is already so advanced and the risks are not the same as in 2020 because for us it is essential that the students have the appropriate better cleaning and disinfection measures. In this way, he clarified that cleaning and disinfection tasks have been carried out not only in the courtyards but also in sports courts, railings, benches, or playgrounds, as well as the entrance to educational centers.



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