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The students of the Nautical School of Benalmádena visit the Nao Victoria

The Municipal Nautical School of Benalmádenahas visited the Nao Victoria, replica of the historic ship that starred in the first circumnavigation 500 years ago, which is touring several ports in Spain as ambassador of the V Centenary of the First Round the World (1519-1522) that is celebrated during these years.

The Nao Victoria is in the Port of Benalmádena and can be visited until next November 14.

The ship is an authentic  masterpiece of the riverside carpentry of our country, combined with a meticulous historical  in which all the details of the original have been respected, and which since its construction has been carried out already immense voyages all over the planet.

During the years 2004/2006 he completed his own round the world, sailing more than 26,000 nautical miles, making a stopover in 17 countries, and since then he has not stopped sailing around the world, making important cultural tours through hundreds of US ports. . and Europe receiving hundreds of thousands of visits throughout them.

During your stay at the Puerto Deportivo de Benalmádena, the public will be able to get on board the ship, tour its decks and learn about the amazing adventure that its sailors carried out 500 years ago, facing an immense journey of more than three years full of dangers and difficulties, until they managed to surround the planet through its great oceans. Visitors may also go down to its hold, and learn about the experiences of the young crew that today continues to navigate seas around the world.

So that visitors can visit its decks in complete safety, during Nao Victoria’s stay in the city, the organizers have ensured that all pertinent sanitary measures will be adopted, such as the mandatory use of masks by both the public and the crew, disposition of hydroalcoholic gels, and the maintenance of the allowed capacity. Therefore, it is recommended to get the ticket online or payment by card.

Visiting hours will be from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tickets can be purchased on the ship itself or at and they will have a price of three euros for children between five and ten years old, five euros for adults and 13 euros for families (two adults and up to three children between five and ten years old).



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