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The tourism sector will be able to anticipate the market thanks to the ‘big data’ tool

The mayor and councilor for Tourism, Víctor Navas, has helda meeting with hoteliers and tourism professionals of the town to make available for the first time the big data and Artificial Intelligence tool developed by Turismo Costa del Sol in collaboration with the town councils .

Thispowerful Tourist Intelligence tool makes it possible to search for the tourist indicators of the destination in real time so that professionals will have a database that will allow them to know in detail the evolution of the markets to anticipate and adapt their projects.

“Hoteliers and tourism professionals have proven how a toolof this type can be used to plan their marketing strategy and to anticipate what demandwill be like in order to design the most effective commercial offer to present in the issuing markets”, the mayor has valued.

The mayor thanked the Director of the Area of ​​Analysis and Tourism Intelligence in Tourism and Planning Costa del Sol, Rafael Fuentes, “for his good disposition when it comes to solving all the doubts raised from the tourism sector”.

In this way, as he explained, this tool lets know from the number of tourist beds available at all times or the number of people who stay overnight in Benalmádena during any day of the year, and even the origin of most tourists who choose the city as a destination, or even know habits, customs and places most visited by tourists.

Navas highlighted that the tool has been very well received by the tourism sector and professionals, and cited an example of the effectiveness and potential of this new resource. “We always believed that German tourists who visit us traveled mainly from Berlin, and now through the big datawe have been able to know that it comes mainly from Frankfurt, and on which days of the week they mainly traveled, which allows us to design more efficient, accurate and cheap commercial strategies by being able to directly target our potential audience ”, he explained.



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