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The Yacht Club hosts a citizen assembly on the Edusi project for Benalmádena

The mayor of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas; and the Councilor for General Administration and responsible for the development of the Integrated Sustainable Urban Development Strategy (Edusi) for Benalmádena, Sergio Torralvo, together with municipal technicians from various areas, participated yesterday in the Club Náutico assembly hall in a citizen assembly on the Edusi project for Benalmádena.

For the organization of this assembly, according to Torralvo, the Consistory sent more than 60 invitations to neighborhood associations in the area, presidents of urban planning entities and communities of owners of the action environment, as well as business, cultural and other groups of the location.

In this meeting, information was offered on the different Edusi projects, financed 80% by European funds (Feder), “to the citizens and neighbors of the area where the projects are located” because, in the words of the mayor, “in our management, citizen participation and active listening to neighbors and groups play an essential role, and for this reason we organize this meeting to explain in detail to the attendees the different projects and aspects of Edusi”.

In addition, the mobility project currently subsidized with the Recovery and Transformation Funds, a program of aid to municipalities for the implementation of low-emission zones and the digital and sustainable transformation of urban transport, through the Ministry of Transport, was also reported. Mobility and Urban Agenda.

Both projects go hand in hand, since they cover two phases of the three that involve the remodeling of Avenida Antonio Machado.

“With this assembly we facilitate neighbors and groups that can raise their concerns, doubts and proposals that help to propose and enrich the project in the best possible way”, highlighted the mayor.

Navas also valued that “from the Government team, we consider the Edusi project for Benalmádena very positive, since it will involve a modernization that the coastal strip has needed for decades, in addition to also working on aspects such as social cohesion, the enhancement of deposits archaeological sites or the commitment to renewable energies”.

And it is that, in the mayor’s opinion, the Dusi strategy “gives us an opportunity to face the urban remodeling that the coast needs, providing the environment that the excellent hotel offer in the area needs, with recently remodeled establishments and that includes the largest concentration of four-star hotels throughout the Costa del Sol”.

Europe 2030 Strategy

Benalmadena Strategy 2025. The Coast is Health It is closely linked to the objectives set out in theEurope 2030 Strategy, a European framework that includes proposals aimed at improving sustainability and social integration.

For this reason, the Edusi fund project proposed in Benalmádena includes 14 projects organized into four thematic axes of the aforementioned European strategy.

The section Implementation of electronic administration tools includes promoting ICT in Integrated Urban Development Strategies through actions in local electronic administration and Smart Cities.

Among the objectives to promote a low-carbon economy are projects such as a mobility plan, measures to reduce CO2, increased energy efficiency and implementation of a more efficient lighting network.

In the axis of promoting the efficiency of resources, rehabilitation projects of the historical, architectural and cultural heritage and the promotion of its tourist attraction are included; the management of the public use of the historical and natural heritage for the cultural development of the locality; and the environmental, landscape and urban improvement of the urban area.

Finally, in the section dedicated to social inclusion and the fight against poverty, employment projects linked to entrepreneurship have been added with the creation of a business incubator, the modernization of a day center for the elderly and dependent people, the improvement of infrastructures to support the social and associative fabric, employment plan and support for families at risk of social exclusion, rehabilitation of public space through sports circuits, promotion of training programs for employment in the most competitive local sectors and revitalization programs of local and artistic culture.



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