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They ask the Junta not to “disengage” and pronounce on the situation of Tivoli and its staff

The Tívoli workforce has once again demonstrated to demand that the Tremón Group subrogation of the fixed and discontinuous fixed staff and the reopening of the amusement park, icon of the Costa del Sol. After their last protest in front of the TRH de Mijas hotel, also owned by the real estate group, the workerstoday walked the main streets of Benalmádena Pueblo.

The mayor, Víctor Navas, together with the councilors of the government team Salvador Rodríguez, Javier Marín, Pilar Ramírez, Irene Díaz, Alicia Laddaga, Sergio Torralvo, Encarnación Cortés and Juan Carrillo, have participated in the protest this morning, as They have been doing it in all the appointments called by these workers from Benalmadena.

The first mayor has been blunt on the position of the City Council and demanded from the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, “a firm pronouncement on the situation of the amusement park.”

In this sense, Navas, in addition to insisting that “we need the support of the Juntain the issuance of reports that endorse the urban modification for the protection of the lands of Tivoli”, demanded “the face-to-face support of their political representatives in this type of mobilization ”.

Navas has asked the owner of the amusement park, Grupo Tremón, to “take charge of the park and, if they do not do so, the public administrations must lead the recovery of Tivoli to put it at the service of tourism and citizens”, declared the Mayor.

BothUGT and CCOO have also asked the Junta de Andalucía not to “ignore Tivoli” because they understand that “they can do a lot” so that its current owner, Grupo Tremón, takes over the staff and reopens the amusement park.

These workers are in limbo “since Tremón decided not to subrogate the workforce, as is their obligation”. In this way, the trade unionists recalled that permanent workers“have to go to the park every day even if they are inactive and  since last October 30, they have not received any type of aid or salary as the bankruptcy administrator does not want to extend the ERTE” .

The union, after learning of the Supreme Court ruling ratifying the Torremolinos ruling, which certified the ownership of Tívoli by Grupo Tremón, has filed both complaints to the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate. According to CCOO, “as Tremón has not registered or subrogated the Tivoli workers, we have asked the Social Security to discharge them ex officio.”

“Must resolve once and for all the situation of the Tivoli workers, in addition to offering guarantees on the continuity of the amusement park “, has valued the mayor, who stressed that”all the political formations of Benalmádena should be here today supporting this mobilization of the Tivoli workers, and for this reason I miss that some parties with representation in the City Council have not even made an appearance ”.

Along these lines, Navas insisted that “The protection of Tívoli is the responsibility of this City Council, and we have done so: in the urban planning of Benalmádena, once the final approval of the modification of elements of the PGOU takes place, only commercial and hotel uses will always be viable on the land that are linked to the opening of the amusement park”.

In the opinion of the mayor,  “Tívoli must continue because it is a source of employment and wealth for Benalmádena and a first-rate tourist attraction for the Costa del Sol, and we firmly believe that other administrations can do something more”.



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