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They buy a new truck for Operational Services

The City Council has acquired a light truck equipped with a lifting platform for the Electric Service, which will be added to the municipal mobile fleet, in whose renewal, according to the mayor, Víctor Navas, a total of 1,105,680 euros have been invested since 2017. This vehicle has cost 62,405.75 euros and has an electrically insulated basket to be able to carry out work at a height of 18 meters. “It is adapted so as not to occupy an excessive diameter when it is located on public roads, which gives it greater versatility and allows it to access narrower streets in the municipality,” said the mayor.

For his part, the Councilor for Operational Services, Salvador Rodríguez, explained that in the last four years two backhoes have been acquired (one large and one small), four state-of-the-art sweepers (two large and two small), four electric vacuum carts ; a 7,500 kg truck, a forklift (Torito), three light vehicles equipped with high-pressure cleaning machines, heating modules and floor cleaning campaigns, two vehicles equipped with high-pressure cleaning machines, a nine-seater van for personnel transport, four two-seater vans parking spaces and a diagnostic team. This investment, in the words of the mayor, is argued that “when we arrived at the municipal government in 2015 we found ourselves with Operational Services that barely had the means to carry out their work and we set ourselves the objective of equipping them with the adequate machinery to carry out their work and respond effectively to the demands of citizens ”.

In the same way, he announced that it will not be the only acquisition this year since they are already working on the acquisition of a new sweeping machine and washing truck, “with the idea of ​​continuing to modernize public services.”



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