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They collect signatures to request more resources for families with children with special needs

The costs faced by a family with a child with special needs or a disability are higher than those of a normal home. Like the efforts and time that must be devoted to ensure a child in these circumstances a good future and a good quality of life. 

A group of families from Benalmádena organize this Friday, December 2, a collection of signatures to request a battery of petitions that guarantee the rights of their children in terms of education and integration. To collaborate with this initiative, which already has the support of a dozen Ampas in the municipality, you can sign the document at the information table that you will locate in Benalmádena town and on Blas Infante avenue. Likewise, as they have communicated to Ole Benalmádena, several volunteers will tour the municipality to expose the problems that these families are facing and the requests that they will make to the Public Administration in order to improve the quality of life of both children with special needs and of his family core. 

In the letter, which was presented by registration last Wednesday to the City Hall, they explain that in Benalmádena there are many families with children with special needs and disabilities, who “lack economic resources and support to be able to achieve the full personal, sensory, cognitive, psychological development, and a good quality of life, without involving an economic and emotional effort for mothers and fathers”. 

They denounce that the therapies and care they need are four times more expensive than the activities available for children without disabilities or with different abilities. “This difference in prices greatly affects the economy of our families,” state the affected families, who stress that, in most cases, it is impossible to reconcile family and work life given the little help available. 

In fact, as they explained to this newspaper, many of these fathers and mothers do not have a job or cannot practice their profession because they have to dedicate themselves exclusively to caring for and caring for their children with disabilities. 

Something as simple and everyday as participation in Christmas, Easter or summer camps and even access to activities carried out in sports centers, supposes an extra cost for these families since they do not accept their children if they do not pay for a support teacher. 

For this reason, they request accessibility on equal terms to camps and extracurricular activities, at no extra cost for these families from Benalmádena, financial aid, equal prices for the same activities and a day center for people with disabilities. 

In the same way, they also demand “real” adapted and inclusive playgrounds, child occupational therapy, the expansion of Social Services staff since, according to what they criticize, “we have to wait for appointments of more than two months to be seen”, a service accompaniment for families and training on disability both to the City Council and the municipality, among others.



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