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They criticize the “urgency” for approving the works to eliminate the median of palm trees on the coast

The municipal spokesman of the PP, Juan Antonio Lara, reported this morning at a press conference on the claims of the local government team “to accelerate the approval of spending to eliminate the median and its palm trees“, among other actions incorporated into the Edusi Plan. From the PP they have communicated that yesterday they received “of urgency and without previo aviso la convocatoria extraordinaria de la Comisión Informativa Economic Administrative for this Friday, where a credit supplement is proposed for approval that includes the actions corresponding to European funds, which are being criticized by the opposition and the public. The populares They have already requested in writing that the actions under Edusi be separated from the supplement from the rest of the investments , and they have also demanded that he immediately give an account of the development of the works. In addition, the PP has warned the local government team that “If you do not exclude the works of the Edusi from the supplement, your party will not be responsible for voting against the rest of the investments raised and that could have the approval of the popular in case of being treated separately. Lara has lamented that “the socialist mayor, together with his government, want to shoehorn the elimination of the median next to its palm trees on the coast to continue with its project, despite the protests and complaints from the neighbors.” The popular has stressed that “his party will vote against works that do not have the support of the public, such as the elimination of the lane and the median and will continue to support the neighbors in their legitimate demands.”



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