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They demand resignations in Renfe due to the suppression of more than 30 Cercanías trains due to lack of drivers

From today Benalmadenses who use the commuter trainto get to any of the stops on the línea C1 (Málaga-Fuengirola) or the C2 (Málaga-Álora) have met with new schedules in the face of the suppression of 34 daily trains by Renfe due to the lack of driversand without giving a date for their restitution at the moment.

The General Confederation of Labor (CGT)-Andalucíahas demanded resignations or dismissals in the Renfe Managementbefore the last decisions adopted last wednesday, which “not only will against the right of travelers, but contravene the company’s own labor regulationsby adopting unilateral decisions that cause damage to some workers with respect to others ”.

In addition, they denounce that the information to the citizenship has been eliminated through the APP “of the number of trains suppressed due to the social alarm that has been generated by these actions derived solely and exclusively from the disastrous management and planning of human resources, which will cause multiple disruptions to users who are not going to know the train that is suppressed until they are not in the stations ”. At this time, as this medium has verified, it has already been updated with the new schedules.

Also, from the CGT criticizes that “trains are suppressed at their discretion but there is no reduction in fares, not even those who have paid transport passes cannot use it due to the reduction in schedules”, and that “they arbitrarily remove two train drivers from Cercanías and are sent to AVE (trains that are not OSP) to avoid suppression of high-speed trains ”.

The latter, in his opinion, is “further proof that they want to leave a railway only for wealthy elites and businessmenat the same time that they despise the working classes, students or pensioners, taking away trains that they need to use on a daily basis for their daily tasks such as working, going to university, to hospitals… ”.

To this day, according to data made public by the CGT, the 3000 train suppressions in Malaga so far this year and as a “sad event”, they announce that they have prepared a commemorative cake “3000 suppressions or resignations” that they will present at 11:00 am at the doors of Cercanías Vialia Málaga to “send it to the head of Renfe Cercanías Málaga, Juan Francisco Araujo”.

On December 3, they “mount the Bethlehem” in the Vialia

The CGT, “in our clear commitment to defend public services in general and the train in particular”, is organizing a day of protest for the railway situation in Malaga on next December 3 at the Vialia María Zambrano station, where, as they explained, “ we want to set up the Bethlehem in the face of the abuses by Renfe and the Ministry of Transport towards travelers and railroad workers ”.

In this sense, he has made a public call for the participation of all citizens, “if we do not want to see ourselves without a train, soon, as they are already in other Andalusian provinces and capitals.”

They also recalled that since the beginning of summer “our union organization, alone, began a process of denouncing the situation with multiple claims actions, summarily demanding more trains and more workers for the railway sector, although from Renfe and the Ministry neither The number of railway workers in the province of Malaga has been increased, nor is the circulation of the trains that existed before the pandemic guaranteed, nor is there talk of fighting against the depopulation of rural areas or against climate change by making available of trains that communicate to the towns and structure the territory ”.

The CGT assures that it will continue to demand with the legal means at its disposal that the number of railway professionals be increased to be able to attend to the existing workloads – “with some thirty railway professionals distributed in all professional categories this objective would be achieved” -, that the Álora station is not privatized, that all the commuter, medium-distance and bird trains that circulated until March 13, 2020 be immediately replaced, that the C2 suburban line be extended to Roda de Andalucía and Ronda, structuring the territory with  trains that serve the residents of the inland regions of the province of Málaga and the Sierra Sur and Seville countryside, as an “element against the depopulation of rural areas and the fight against climate change or things as acceptable as the medium-distance trains that currently stop at the Fuente de Piedra station admit passengers getting on and off, serving a wide region.



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