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They demand speed from the Board in the construction of the new educational centers in Benalmádena

As if they did not already have enough confrontation fronts, PSOE and PP now open a new gap of confrontation around the future educational facilities -an institute and a college- that are projected to be built in Benalmádena.

Regarding these, the new People’s Institute, which has a total investment of about 6.5 million euros, will be located in Retamar. It will have a constructed area of ​​4,368 square meters and will have three lines of Secondary education plus two of Baccalaureate, with a total of 500 new school places. As for the new school, which will be located in the Doña María area, according to the popular, “the Board is allocating more than 4.5 million euros and will create a total of 450 new places for Infant and Primary.”

The socialists ask the Junta de Andalucía “not to wait until 2025” to start the construction of the highly demanded educational centers, while the PP defends that “it is the Junta that has unblocked projects promised by the previous socialist governments, but that were never launched – in reference to these new educational infrastructures -“ and that, at present, both projects “are underway”.

This morning, precisely, the spokesman for Education of the Popular Party and deputy for Malaga in the Andalusian Parliament, Miguel Ángel Ruiz, has visited the plot, which the City Council ceded in its day to build the new Benalmadena institute.

Perhaps tomorrow more information could be made public regarding whether there is an estimated date for the start of the works or when the projects are, because the local government will take a motion to the plenary session regarding these educational facilities.

The reality is that the educational centers of the municipality have fewer and fewer places available, allocating spaces such as playgrounds, libraries or laboratories to expand the number of classrooms due to the large increase in students in recent years.

Specifically, Benalmádena has increased its population in the last 10 years by almost 20,000 people since in 2008 it had a registered population of 50,000 inhabitants, and currently it already has 70,000 registered residents, plus non-registered residents, which, in the words of Navas, “gives rise to enormous pressure because centers that respond to this new demand for educational places are not being built.”

Both parties disagree on what has been  the driving force behind these projects. Thus, the PP assures that “the Government of Juanma Moreno is the one that has worked to carry out projects for Benalmádena that were forgotten by the socialist governments”, and Navas insists that “it was us when we arrived at the municipal government in 2015 who demanded the urgent need for the Board to build a new Infant and Primary center and a new institute in the city”.

In this line, the first mayor has detailed that “when we arrived at the City Council in 2015 we found that Benalmádena did not have land made available to the Board to build these centers, a procedure that we have already fulfilled by giving two plots, valued at something more than one million euros each, to the regional government for the creation of an institute in the Retamar area in Benalmádena Pueblo and a school in Finca Doña María”.

Municipal sources point out that in 2018, the Board ruled favorably to give the green light to the construction of the institute in Benalmádena Pueblo, with the purpose of starting its construction in the 2019/2020 academic year. “Since the change of government and the arrival of Juanma Moreno to the presidency, we are calling on the new Andalusian government to fulfill this commitment,” said Navas.

Although the Autonomous Administration announced last summer that it would fulfill this commitment to the people of Benalmadena to build the new institute in Retamar, “we cannot wait until 2025, and as of today we know that the project has not even been drafted, a process that is still in the tender”, said the mayor.

Considering this fact, due to the deadlines, according to Navas, “we would leave at least until 2025 to start the works on the new institute, and for this reason, in the motion that we will take to the Plenary tomorrow, we will ask the Board for speed and agility in the procedures to undertake the construction of the educational centers as soon as possible: Benalmádena cannot afford the luxury of the institute, announced for 2018, beginning to be built in 2025”.

The mayor assures that “we cannot do more by the City Council: we have even offered to finance the construction of the school, after making municipal land available to the Board, so we ask for gestures and actions that allow the works to begin as soon as possible” .

For his part, the Councilor for Education, Pablo Centella (IU), has criticized that “months ago they announced 15 million in investments in educational centers, of which we still have no news and that they will hardly be able to undertake because they are close to calling regional elections” .

It is precisely the proximity of the elections in Andalusia that, in the opinion of the PP, “are intensifying the incomprehensible and unjustified attacks by the PSOE throughout Andalusia on the work of the Government of Juanma Moreno, which are part of a political strategy against the Government of the change for the next elections.



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