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They demand that Navas rectify “his insinuations of sabotage” in municipal vehicles

The PP has shown its outrage at some statements made by the mayor, Víctor Navas, during the last plenary session in which, according to the popular ones, “it has come to suggest the possible existence of bad faith of the employees of Operational Services in the face of the judgments that are carried out. producing in the ventilation of cleaning vehicles with the aim of not developing their work ”.

From the PPthey have demanded the immediate rectification of the first mayor, insofar as they understand that “these statements, in addition to being unfair, sow public doubt about the professionalism of municipal workers”, of which they highlight the “excellent” work they do .

CCOO complaint to the Labor Inspectorate

The origin of this new controversy comes as a consequence of the question asked by the PP in the last plenary session, where the popular asked for explanations about the announcement of a complaint filed by CCOOagainst City Council before the Labor Inspectorate due to “the serious consequences for the health of the Cleaning Service workers due to the lack of air conditioning in some municipal vehicles”.

According to information from the PP, the union has been warning since 2019 about the high temperatures that these operators are enduring “due to the non-repair of the air conditioners of some vehicles and that, after many complaints, remain unsolved”. In fact, as this media has learned, before registering the complaint, the trade unionists have tried to exhaust all the means available to them in order to reach a solution to the problem and that even, “in the face of non-compliance by the company, they requested the modification of schedules ”. Finally, in the absence of alternatives, they decided to file the pertinent complaint.

The popular ones consider that the attitude of the mayor is “intolerable”, with which, in their opinion, “he is throwing balls out on the responsibility of his Government before the repair of the vehicles, pointing without evidence against the municipal workers with this type of comments”.



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