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They demand the construction of a new Police Station in Benalmádena

The mayor, Víctor Navas; and the Security Councilor, Javier Marín, have met with the General Secretary in Andalusia of the Unified Police Union (SUP), Mariló Valencia. The meeting addressed various security issues, placing special emphasis on the urgency for the National Police to have new units in Benalmádena, in the words of the mayor, “in accordance with the size and population that the municipality currently has” .

The need for new units for the National Police in Benalmádena is a claim that the City Council He has already informed the Secretary of State for the Interior and in this sense, Marín has indicated that they even made available “various land available in the municipality that would meet the technical requirements to host these dependencies, although we are open to other suggestions and possible alternatives in the event that locations with other characteristics are required ”.

Both trade unionists and the local government agree that the current dependencies of the National Police in Calle Las Flores “are a space that has become old, with poor accessibility and that no longer complies with many aspects of the current regulations on occupational hazards, so it is urgent that the CNP has a new space in Benalmádena as soon as possible ”.

From the SUPthey have reiterated the need for Benalmádena to have an independent Police Station, something for which “a review of the police and population reality of the municipality is mandatory” which, in the opinion of Valencia, is far from that of 2008, which was the last revision performed.



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