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They denounce that “there will be no citizenship” for the project to remodel the Coast with Edusi funds

The Benalmádena single lane project has once again been cast in the plenary session held this morning. Citizens and the Popular Party have raised different issues related to an initiative that has been making headlines since the reorganization of traffic roads on Antonio Machado Avenue was undertaken at the beginning of summer, according to the local government, as a pilot test within the comprehensive remodeling plan of the Benalmadense Coast, within the Sustainable Development Strategy (Edusi) for Benalmádena, subsidized with 10 million euros from the EU.

The truth is that the reduction of roads has caused protests by many citizens due to the continuous traffic jams, and the political parties that make up the opposition have not hesitated to transfer neighborhood concerns to all the plenary sessions held since summer to date, and they have even put on the table without success, alternatives so that the reorganization of road traffic reaches a majority agreement at an intermediate point.

From the Government team insist that “the roadmap set by European funds and municipal technicians is being followed ”and therefore, the project“ meets the objectives of offering more space to pedestrians, calming traffic and creating a new lane for non-polluting vehicles ”. Likewise, the mayor, Víctor Navas, stressed in the plenary session this morning that “the reduction of one lane in Antonio Machado is included in the thematic objectives of the Edusi strategy“, a document that can be accessed through the web Institutional of the Consistory.

However, the opposition and part of the citizenry, represented by the Platform No to the single lane, -with more than 4,000 members- each day that passes have more doubts about these reports to which the rulers allude, and regarding the decisions adopted by the local government and, as they stated, “we have requested the information by registration because every morning we see something new on Antonio Machado Avenue, where, as if by magic, bollards appear and disappear every week.”

For his part, the municipal spokesman for the PP, Juan Antonio Lara, has defended in the Plenary session held this morning the need for the citizen assembly and the Steering Committee to be immediately constituted so that the Plenary and all citizens are informed of the management of the Edusi funds in Benalmádena .

In the words of the popular, “we have transferred the majority feeling of the population that continues to be contrary both to the projects promoted by the PSOE-IU government team -which have created daily traffic jams on our coastline-, as well as the ways of managing backs to the neighbors ”.

The socialist response to the questions of the PP has further ignited the debate, since the councilor responsible for Edusi, Sergio Torralvo, has affirmed that the government team “will constitute the neighborhood assembly once all the projects are selected on their part, in order to give an account and not to make the citizens participate in the decisions,” as they claim from the Popular Party.

From the PP they have spoken about it after the end of the session and have questioned “the concept of citizen participation that the PSOE has with Navas at the head since the mayor and his Government are imposing a city model without neighborhood support and they are afraid to listen to the voice of all of us who suffer their bad political planning on a daily basis ”.

Finally, Lara has warned that his party “is not going to lower its arms or be demotivated by the iron stance of the left-wing government on this issue and has advanced that the PP will continue to work on the street and side by side. with the neighbors so that there is a rectification and another way of managing the city ”.

Ciudadanos, for his part, he has also asked various questions regarding the use of the bus lane or how the lane of non-polluting vehicles will connect with that of road traffic, among other questions, and the response by the Mayor of Mobility, in summary focused on the maxim that “Today, as you say-by Cs-they are infographics and in the drafting of the project all the alternatives must be presented and once they are analyzed they must comply with the regulations “.

Second citizen demonstration, this Saturday

The Citizen Platform No to the Single Lane of Benalmádena has announced that next Saturday the 30th it will again demonstrate against the reduction of lanes on Antonio Machado Avenue and the transfer of the palm trees that make up the median and that the City Council plans to eliminate.

The demonstration will be on foot, and will begin at 6:00 p.m. at the Castle of  El Bil-Bil, it will take place on the Avenida Alay up to the roundabout l Puerto, to end in  the Plaza Solymar. The organizers wanted to invite “all residents to participate in this call, which will be the second of all we have to do to make them listen to us.”

The neighbors have also sent a registered letter with all the information to the general director of the funds Edusi from the Ministry of Finance of the central government, the general director of European funds in the Junta de Andalucía, the councilor of Finance Junta de Andalucía, the secretary general of the Regional PSOE, as well as the president and secretary of the provincial committee of this party in Málaga and to the secretary of the Provincial Municipal Policy of Málaga.



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