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They file the complaint about the process of awarding the Puerto Deportivo charters

The mayor of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas; and the Councilor for the Port, Encarnación Cortés, held a press conference this morning to report on the filing of the complaint against the managers of the Marina filed by charter boat owners and part of the opposition.

“This complaint was born when we tried to regulate the activity of the charter boats of the Marina, the pleasure boats that operate in said port and that currently number about twenty boats, a figure that has led to the saturation of this activity, with what supposes a reduction in the image of our navy, which is why we try to regulate this activity ”, recalled the mayor.

The first mayor has clarified that “we understand that the businessmen of the sector felt aggrieved by the fact of having to start paying a tax for the first time they made the shipments and for that reason they presented an appeal before the Administrative Litigation”.

However, he criticizes that the PP “took advantage of this circumstance to create a smokescreen denouncing through criminal matters, as if organized crime were taking care of the management of the Marina”.

The mayor recalled that the Court had initially filed the complaint, which led to a first appeal by the complainants. “The judge, in order to maintain the judicial guarantees, ordered the UDEFto carry out the pertinent investigation into the facts and, after verifying the police unit that there were no crimes, it was archived again, which led to a second appeal that was closed with a new archive, ”Navas explained.

“With this stratagem the PP tries to equate his last term at the helm of this City Council, which ended in just three years with various legal cases on alleged corruption that in some cases remain open, with our honest political work, of which no complaint against him, he has prospered in these six years of work at the head of the local government ”, has valued the mayor.

For his part, Cortés stated that this new order of the Court of Instruction number 4 “returns to file the case: it states that there are no indications of crime, as in its day it was already recognized by both the Prosecutor’s Office and the UDEF investigation.”

There is still an appeal before the Provincial Court, but in the words of the councilor, “it has ended up being demonstrated as evidence: it is an absolutely politicized issue, especially by the Benalmádena PP, which thus seeks to obtain political revenue by damaging the personal image and political management of this team. of government”.

According to Cortés, “the evidence speaks for itself: there are no indications of a criminal offense, but they continue in their desire to harm us politically, leaking reports from private detectives to the media that they intend to place at the same level as the work carried out by the UDEF ”.

In this sense, he assures that “the report of the private detectives what reveals is the activity of several charter vessels, collecting aspects such as that more passengers are getting on than allowed, an end whose control does not correspond to either the Department or the management. of the Marina, and that they should denounce before the pertinent instances ”.

“The PP tries to maintain a criminal procedure at all costs to cast the shadow of doubt in the honest management of this government team,” denounced the Councilor for Port.



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