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They file the complaint of the PP against Navas for the dismissal of one of his advisers in the Marina

The Secretary of Organization of the PSOE of Benalmádena, María Isabel Ruiz; and the Secretary of Communication, Sandra Ochoa, today offered a press conference to report on the filing of the complaint filed by the PP of Benalmádena against the mayor, Víctor Navas, on the occasion of the dismissal of one of the directors that the Popular Party kept in the municipal company Puerto Deportivo.

Ruiz has stressed that said expulsion was carried out based on a report from the City Council Secretary, “in which the repeated breaches of the expelled director of the duty of secrecy that the members of the boards of directors of municipal companies must respect ” .

“A mere formality issue became another failed attempt by the PP to sow doubts about the honorability and legality of the PSOE’s management in the Benalmádena City Council, even qualifying it as a matter of corruption, warning the press of the moment in which they were going to file the complaint to take the mandatory photo at the door of the courts”, criticized Ruiz, who assured that “in their eagerness to harm the PSOE of Benalmádena, they end up damaging the image of the municipality, trying again over and over again judicialize municipal politics”.

Ocho has demanded that the PP “rectify his accusations about the dismissal of his advisor, in which once again they cast doubt on the corruption of our administration, resorting to lies again.”

Public consultation

“Once again, the PP shows again that it is incapable of carrying out a constructive opposition: the worse for Benalmádena, the better for them, because they only want to get a handful of votes at any price, even if it is against the image of the municipality that they aspire to lead”, denounced Ochoa.

Ruiz, for his part, alluded to the plenary session held last week “in which we dealt with an issue as important as offering citizens a voice to express their opinion on an issue as important to the city as the remodeling of Antonio Machado Avenue” .

Regarding this, he commented that “we have been working on this matter for a year, and now is the time to hold a citizen consultation so that neighbors can express their opinion on the project, decanting their vote on one of the three options that have been above. off the table this year.

In his opinion, “an aspect that should be positive for any political group, because we are offering citizens the possibility of expressing their opinion on a project that is essential for the future of the city, as the opposition parties had also demanded. , remained in plenary session without the support of the PP, discrediting it before its very call and publicly doubting its legality”.

Likewise, the socialist pointed out that the PP “again gets off the big projects in Benalmádena, and they do not mind lying about the agents who have lent their support to the project for Antonio Machado avenue, assuring that merchants and hoteliers were against it when They only asked to postpone the start of the works, and even wielded alleged mobility studies on the road that never came to exist or have real data.



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