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They grant 65,000 euros in aid for Third Sector organizations

The local government has allocated 65,000 euros to Third Sector entities, which in recent months are having to make a great effort to cushion the social impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The mayor, Víctor Navas, explained that the delivery of some 74,000 euros in subsidies to social groups during this fiscal year was recently announced and “now we want to value our collaboration with the Third Sector in the search for resources to help people with economic difficulties to meet their basic needs ”.

The so-called Third Sector is composed, for the most part, of associations, NGOs and foundations that intervene in the social, educational, health, equality, humanitarian, environmental and animal protection, international cooperation, cultural, artistic and sports fields. These organizations develop their activities and actions through volunteering and are not for profit.

The mayor recalled that during the confinement of the first state of alarm, both the Red Cross and Assisi signed a commitment with the City Council “to respond to the needs of the people who are suffering the most from the economic and social consequences of the crisis caused by the pandemic”. With this new remittance of subsidies, the Government team intends to “collaborate with these entities where the administration is unable to arrive alone, thus helping families who not only lack the resources, but also the necessary means to justify their residence in the town and thus be able to access another range of aid ”.

In this line, the direct subsidies to the associative fabric are now added to those granted to the Third Sector which, according to Alicia Laddaga, councilor for Social Welfare, will translate into aid for Assisi of 15,000 euros, plus 50,000 euros for the Red Cross, which They will be used to provide food and basic necessities to people and families at risk of social exclusion who need it.

“With these grants we have already added 140,000 euros of aid to the associative fabric, which allows us to go as far as the administration usually cannot, so that no Benalmadense is left without receiving the help they need,” the councilor stressed.

In relation to the Red Cross, Laddaga has stressed that between 2020 and 2021, the City Council has granted a total of 150,000 euros “exclusively for the acquisition of food and basic necessities for people and families in vulnerable situations.”



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