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They insist that early cancer detection saves lives

The Vithas Xanit InternationalHospital has hosted a table organized by the AECC of Benalmádena and Torremolinos, on the occasion of World Day Against Breast Cancer. The event had the participation of members of the local government team, representatives of the hospital and also had the presence of patients, such as Mara Marquéz, a woman who has suffered from this pathology and who has shared her experience with all those present, giving a message of positivity and hope.

Although about 80 percent of the cases of this disease are overcome, if there is an early diagnosis the percentage can reach up to almost one hundred percent and hence, in the words of the mayor, Víctor Navas, “the importance of carrying out periodic reviews” .

For his part, José Antonio Ródenas, managing director of the Hospital Vithas Xanit Internacional, explained that “cancer affects us all equally, but we are not all the same when faced with cancer.”  The Instituto Oncológico Vithas Xanit will be present at various events organized by the AECC of Benalmádena and Torremolinos, through the participation of Dr. Emilio Alba, director of the Oncological Institute Vithas Xanit and Dr. Cristina Nuño, among others, with the objective, according to Ródenas, “to join the work carried out by the association in terms of raising awareness in society about the importance of research and early diagnosis of this disease.”

 “We have to be especially aware of the importance of breast cancer in our society and the impact it entails, since it is the second cancer in incidence in the general population, but the first in the female population,” he recalled. Dr. Juan Bosco, who has estimated the number of annual cases at 35,000, of which 25,000 are treated by the AECC.

The representative of the AECC It has also warned about the impact that the disease produces “on a social, personal and economic level, because it is estimated that one in three women who suffer from breast cancer may lose their job, suffering a great economic impact of more than 40,000 euros” .



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