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They offer a cycle of days for women who want to start their own business

According to the data collected in the last In the GEM Global report, the female entrepreneurship rate is approximately three-quarters of that of men and of the 59 countries analyzed, only nine have parity or higher female entrepreneurship rates. The reality is that women who decide to invest in the creation of their own company, in addition to being less compared to men, face more difficulties in starting their project. 

And although our country leads the parity in the European environment, according to the studies that analyze this issue, it is clear that the majority of women entrepreneurs start their own business not only with a view to a business opportunity, but out of sheer necessity in the face of the lack of employment alternatives or the impossibility of improving their conditions in their current position.

The next day 13 will begin a cycle of Days for Women Entrepreneurs that has been organized by the Andalusian Center for Entrepreneurship (CADE) of Benalmádena, in collaboration with the Municipal Center for Information for Women. As explained by the mayor, Víctor Navas, this initiative “was born with the aim of promoting equality, taking into account that, if it is already difficult to start a business, it seems that it is even more complicated for a woman.”

Likewise, Navas stressed that “unfortunately, glass ceilings and sticky floors still exist, and therefore it is a good measure to promote from the Area of Equality measures to empower, advise and guide women who are willing to take the step to start and start their own business ”.

The City Council has encouraged the Benalmadenses to participate in these conferences and take advantage of the advice offered by both the CADE as the Municipal Center of Information for Women “to train as future entrepreneurs that enhance the productive fabric of the city,” said Ana Salas, director of the municipal center.

This cycle is made up of five sessions with a weekly periodicity, in which matters such as the barriers that prevent women from developing their business projects, the CANVAS analysis of their business ideas, personal brand, legal forms and economic-financial plans. For her part, the CADE technician in Benalmádena, Ana Gallardo, explained that there will be “five complete sessions so that they get a fairly general idea of ​​how to start a business, and in addition, the technicians carry out personalized advice on each business project to help them take them forward “

The conference will take place at theInnova Center in Arroyo de la Miel, and whoever wants information or directly to register can go to:

  • Andalusian Entrepreneurship Center (CADE) of Benalmádena. Tel: 951 214 495 /
  • Municipal Information Center for Women of the Benalmádena City Council. Tel: 952 577 372 /


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