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They promote workshops to promote equality and prevent gender violence in the classrooms

Themunicipal Education Delegation has organized workshops on gender violence aimed at adolescents, which will be held at El Tomillar and La Paloma schools, and at the high school, IES Albaytar in Benalmádena.

The objective of these workshops is to sensitize the students of the educational centers of the municipality about the causes and consequences of violence against women, make visible and identify situations of gender violence and prevent gender violence from school age.

In this way, they will be organized through participatory dynamics, so that the students themselves have the necessary tools to detect incorrect behaviors and anomalous situations, and thus know how they can contribute to gender equality and the eradication of sexist violence in society.

As explained by the mayor of Education, Pablo Centella, “this year we have wanted to reinforce all the actions and activities that we carry out to confront the problem of gender violence” and  in this sense, he recalled that “we have dressed the House of Culture in purple and with canvases in which we express messages of denunciation against sexist crimes, and from Education we have organized workshops for adolescents to work with them on this problem.”

Centella, stressed that “we are very concerned about the situation that the new generations are experiencing in terms of this problem: we must act urgently because there are increasing cases of gender violence among younger people.

 The workshops promoted by the Education area will culminate in a meeting with their municipal representatives to convey the subjects they have worked on.



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