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They reveal extra costs in the works of the Plaza de Toros and the loss of architectural heritage

The municipal spokesman for PPin the City Council, Juan Antonio Lara, reported this morning on the “serious consequences” that the latest demolition actions of a large part of the Benalmádena Pueblo Bullring, -an emblematic building that this year has turned 53-, are having for the city.

Lara stresses that “the lack of planning and mismanagement of the Government team will cost all the residents more than 100,000 euros extra in the works that are demolishing the sides of the square, to which must be added the incalculable value in the loss of our municipal architectural heritage ”.

From the PP they have regretted that “the the current left-wing government is intentionally allowing and following its ideological anti-bullfighting guidelines put an end to the historic Benalmadense Bullring ”, which, in addition to the bullfighting shows that it once housed, also hosted numerous cultural and traditional events such as the famous Festival of Flamenco.

The popular ones have recalled that they carried out both in their electoral program and in a motion, debated last May plenary session, the rehabilitation of the bullring and its conversion as one more cultural center for the city. In this sense, they insist that in addition to holding some bullfighting festivals a year, it could also be a space open to the public 365 days a year for concerts, exhibitions, talks, workshops and other events.

Finally, Juan Antonio Lara has criticized the “serious consequences” that the local government is having for the city, and has given as an example, in addition to the demolition of part of the Plaza de Toros, the future elimination of the median of the Costa , “the neglect regarding the sinking of the Willow, the closings of the Museum, the Central Tourist Office, the Ice Club and the disastrous management of Tivoli World”.



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