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They will create a new traffic lane on Avenida del Cosmos

The City Councilhas announced that the bidding process for the works for the creation of a new lane on Avenida del Cosmos, a work with which, in the words of the mayor, Víctor Navas, “we will definitively finalize the improvement of this entry to Benalmádena from the access of kilometer 222 ”, and whose project has an investment of 1,170,000 euros.

In this way, in the section that goes down from the roundabout of the gas station to the sculptural complex of Bulevar de las Ideas, a fourth lane will be added, which will provide, in Navas’s opinion, “solutions to some of the mobility problems in this entrance to the municipality ”.

Likewise, Navas explained that the intention is to include in the project “the burying of the high voltage towers, in addition to the creation of two new green recreational areas for citizens, and the expansion of sidewalks so that pedestrians gain prominence”.

This action also offers a response to one of the reasons that hindered the expansion of the Tivoli, -according to sector reports-, allowing its growth as an amusement park and adaptation to current circumstances.

“One of the problems for said expansion detected by the Junta de Andalucía, as is the case with the project for a new shopping center in Torremolinos, were the accesses, which would not allow the increase in traffic volume that said expansion would carry even”, has Navas explained.

On the other hand, the mayor has highlighted that “another of the solutions that this action would achieve is that, from one of the two new recreation areas that would be created, a pedestrian access would also be enabled to the north ofSantangelo Este”.

Thus, of the two new downhill lanes, one would give direct access to the Santangelo Esteurbanization, and the other would lead to Cerro del Viento avenue and the surroundings of Tívoli.

For his part, the councilor of Ways and Plays, Joaquín Villazón, explained that the section located between the roundabout next to the gas station and that of the sculptural complex of the Bulevar de las Ideas, in the downward direction towards Benalmádena Pueblo and that, “taking advantage of this work, we have begun negotiations for the removal of the electrical tower located in the roundabout next to the gas station, to bury the electrical network”.

The project also includes the use of the area located on the right bank of the descent to Benalmádena Pueblo for a small public park, and the possibility of creating another park next to the viewpoint of the roundabout of the sculptural complex of Bulevar de las Ideas.

Finally, Villazón indicated that “we hope that the bidding process for the works that we begin today will last around three months, and that the works will last another six months, concluding with an action that will improve mobility in the municipality and provide greater beautification to this entry to Benalmádena”.



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