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They will install street lamps and pavement on P street near the Finca Doña María

The residents of the so-called P street in the surroundings of the Doña María Estate had been showing their discomfort at the lack of public lights and steel in the area, in whose vicinity the new Infant and Primary education school that the Board is going to build will be Junta of Andalucía. According to municipal sources, the maintenance of this road belongs to the urban development entity of Cortijo Torrequebrada, and previously it was closed to traffic because it had not been developed urbanistically. “It was opened at the request of the residents, who demanded its use to avoid having to take a long walk to access from Cortijo Torrequebrada to Arenal Golf,” said the mayor, Víctor Navas.

As it was not developed, when the road was opened it lacked adequate asphalt as well as sidewalk and public lighting, a situation that has dragged on for a long time until three years ago the City Council decided to asphalt the street and begin to clean up the environment to give response to neighbors.

Now the Consistory is going to proceed with the installation of public lighting and steelwork on this road, and for this it will resort to the figure of the urban disciplinary. “We have asked the developer to authorize us to install the public lighting and create the sidewalk, actions whose cost will be passed on to the developer later,” explained the mayor.

For her part, the Councilor for Urbanism, María Isabel Ruiz, explained that “this is a file that we have processed from the Urban Planning Discipline and Roads and Works and the action will consist of finishing the connection steel between Finca Doña María and Cortijo Torrequebrada and installing public lighting “.

And it is that, as it is a street through which many people walk, Ruiz stressed that “it was necessary to improve its safety conditions for both vehicles and pedestrians.”

The cost of this action is around 350,000 euros and the works are currently in the bidding phase in the contractor’s profile. The tender will end on October 5 and, taking into account that it has an execution period of three months, “we hope that by early 2022 we will have already started,” the councilor has estimated.

This action will be complemented with the closing of the Albaytar park and, in the words of the Councilor for Vías y Obras, Joaquín Villazón, “we are going to create a very illuminated avenue with a sidewalk, which will improve communication between Cibeles avenue and Camelia street, facilitating exit and access to the highway without having to go through Antonio Machado avenue “.



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