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They will invest two million in renovating the water supply network of Conjunto Envero and Torremuelle

The mayor of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas; the CEO of Emabesa, Joaquín Villazón; and the manager of Emabesa, Pedro del Campo, have reported on two actions to improve the municipality’s water supply network.

Specifically, they announced that with aninvestment of close to two million euros, the water supply network of two urbanizations will be renewed, specifically in Conjunto Envero and Torremuelle.

In a context of drought in which, in the words of Navas, “it is increasingly important to protect and guarantee the supply, avoiding as much as possible the water losses that could occur due to a poor state of the network.”

The first mayor highlighted that Emabesa is one of the most efficient water companies in the entire province of Málaga, since 80% of the piped water reaches its destination, while there are cities in which only 50% arrives.

Among the planned actions, Navas pointed out that one of the important ones is the one that is going to take place in Torremuelle. In this sense, he recalled that in 2011 Emabesa took charge of the water supply in this urbanization, and, as he stressed, “With the work that they are now going to undertake, they will complete approximately 90% of the renewal of the supply network in said urbanization, with an investment of more than 1,600,000 euros ”.

In addition, the planned action in Torremuelle It will also involve the paving and the renewal of the line throughout the southern part of said urbanization, which, in the words of Navas, “is a highly demanded action and the users of the urbanization have told us on many occasions that the water did not have enough pressure because they were very old networks in which they were produced losses”.

“With this work we are going to achieve not only the renewal of the supply network, but also clean up many streets of the urbanization,” he stressed.

The mayor wanted to value the work of Emabesa, which “goes beyond improving the supply network.” Thus, he stressed that “this legislature we have managed toguarantee the water supply in Benalmádena Pueblo, through a ring that connects all the wells and reservoirs that the municipality has.”

The mayor ended by apologizing to the neighbors for the inconvenience that the works could generate and stressed that “we are working to improve and offer the best possible service.”

For his part, Villazón has reported that “Emabesa is going to start two new works in the urbanizations Ensemble Envero and Torremuelle, with the aim of renew the supply network to improve its performance and avoid water losses, a fundamental aspect in the face of the scarcity of water resources ”, and has estimated the investment for action in the Envero Complex in close to the 200.000 euros.

In Torremuelle some 35,000 square meters of pipe will be renewed, a renewal, according to the mayor, essential considering its age. With the renovation of almost six kilometers of supply network in this area, “we will undertake one of the most ambitious actions we have undertaken in the last ten years,” added the councilor.

These actions are part of the works fund that Emabesa has had since 2012, in which “we reinvest the benefits that society has in renovating hydraulic infrastructures in order to provide a better service,” Pedro del Campo recalled.

“At this time when we are experiencing the greatest drought since 2008, saving water is essential to guarantee supply both in the short, medium and long term, and that is the end of these actions,” concluded the manager.



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