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They will rehabilitate the bullring to give it a new cultural use

The Benalmádena bullring, inaugurated in 1968, will be rehabilitated to resume its activity with a use other than purely bullfighting. The mayor, Víctor Navas, has announced that administrative and technical specifications are being prepared to call an ideas competition, which will be put out to tender in the coming months, “and will be open to the participation of architecture studios and specialized companies.”

In the words of the mayor, “we intend to recover a space that today has no use, through an ideas competition, so that it can house multipurpose rooms for the development of cultural activities, an assembly hall and permanent exhibitions, including a space for popular traditions and customs “.

It should be remembered that the Benalmadense bullring has been closed for a decade since the City Council was forced to regain its management due to the poor condition of the facilities and various breaches of the concession specifications, circumstances that in their day even led to the prohibition by the Junta de Andalucía of the celebration of any show in the bullfighting venue by not complying with the security conditions that a venue with a capacity of 2,900 seats must have.

Benalmádena Pueblo Sports Center

On the other hand, the expansion and improvement works of the Camino de La Fuentezuela will enter their final stretch in the coming weeks. These actions, in which 300,000 euros have been invested, in the words of Navas, “will provide a wide and dignified entrance to the Benalmádena Pueblo sports center, a necessary improvement due to the large number of users that the facility has”.

Image of the works that are being undertaken on the La Fuentezuela road. By Ayto. Benalmádena.

The municipal investment has led to its own entrance and exit to the sports complex’s parking lots, “in addition to providing service to the cemetery through another secondary road that will be cleaned up and will incorporate public and steel lighting,” explained the mayor, who also clarified that “the The execution of the works has taken longer than expected because we have encountered a problem during the development of the works, such as the fall of an attached wall, which forced them to be paralyzed for several weeks until we were able to stabilize the land ”.

Regarding the treatment that is being carried out in the environment, both on the sidewalk and on the annexed stone wall, landscaped areas will be incorporated, with the planting of some trees that will provide shade.



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