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Today the Tivoli World amusement park celebrates its 50th anniversary closed to the public

On a day like today 50 years ago, Tivoli World opened its doors for the first time. Pioneer in the leisure offer in Andalusia, it occupies a star place in childhood memories for thousands of Andalusians, who have enjoyed in their childhood and later in their adult stage as parents, the attractions, restaurants and, of course, its concerts, because the best national and international voices have passed through its stage.   

This morning, its workers have gathered at the gates of the amusement park to once again claim its reopening and a solution to the problems they have suffered since the new owner, Grupo Tremón, decided not to replace the workforce.

The mayor, Víctor Navas, commented that in 1972, the year Tívoli was opened, “many of us were not even born, nor was the tourism industry on the Costa del Sol consolidated, and it was just beginning to flourish, but it was beginning to glimpse what tourism development would be like in the coastal cities of the province”.

Precisely that same year, the Benalmádena City Council received the concession for the Puerto Deportivo and the Maravillas school entered its first academic year. “Today we are with the workers to remember this anniversary, despite the fact that the park is still closed and the problems that hamper its reopening,” said Navas, who once again stressed that “the firm commitment of this government team is to protect Tivoli so that it opens its doors as soon as possible”.

The mayor has stated that there are investors who are interested in exploiting it, “there is an excellent workforce that is willing to reopen its doors, and we need the support of all administrations to sit down once and for all to urge the current owners , Grupo Tremón, to finally decide between one of the two options it has: open the park or sell it”.

“Unfortunately, the park is still closed, the workers have no news about their subrogation, and the rest of the administrations have left this City Council alone to defend the continuity of Tívoli and the interests of its workers,” Navas denounced, who , as he said, “we hope to return here next year, on the occasion of its 51st anniversary, but with the doors of the park open, and with a large investment that allows Tivoli to remain a great icon and attraction for tourism in the Costa del Sol”.



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