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“Tremón, listen: Tívoli is in a fight”

Covered by hundreds of citizens, the staff of the more than 90 families of amusement park workers Tívoli last night he walked the streets of Benalmádena to claim the reopening of the leisure center, as well as the subrogation of the workers by the owner company which, according to a court ruling, is none other than the Grupo Tremón. To the cry of “Tremón listen, Tívoli is in fight”, or “from the amusement park, they will not move us”, hundreds of people yesterday demanded that the public administrations, from the central government to the Benalmádena City Council, “work within the framework of their competences to fight for the social profitability that Tívoli Word contributes to the local economy of Benalmádena and of the Costa del Sol”.

And it is that, these workers face an extremely uncertain future as long as the Temporary Employment Regulation File has not been renewed (ERTE) due to force majeure, and such a circumstance, according to UGT and CCOO,”it leaves permanent workers without any type of aid or benefit, who at the same time are left without work, while the discontinuous permanent workers will be able to collect the extraordinary benefit of the Government.”

The more than 90 affected families have been collecting ERTE since it closed Tívoli , but at the end of the month they will stop doing it because, according to the unions, “they have not allowed it to be extended, leaving the workers in limbo, without receiving benefits and having to start their job without receiving their salary. The new owner, Grupo Tremón, does not want to take over the debt or the workers, so from next month there will be neither ERTE nor salaries ”.

The staff has been carrying out all summer selflessly and free maintenance work in the garden areas of the amusement park so, as they explained to this medium, “do not make the excuse that it does not open because you have to carry out these conditioning tasks ”.

The only certainty that the Tívoli staff currently has is paradoxically that “we do not know anything, because the owner company has not contacted us to tell us what intentions it has for the amusement park.”

Last night the workers’ representatives read a manifesto in front of the Casa de la Cultura, -signed by unions, staff, political parties and associations of different kinds-, in which they demanded Tremón “the immediate reopening of the park”, surrounded by the warmth of the applause of the numerous Benalmadenses gathered there as a sign of support for these workers who, according to several of those present to Ole Benalmádena, “if Tremón does not care about the future of these families, the people of Benalmádena do and that is why we are here with them, as we have done in all the demonstrations they have called up to now.”

In this sense, they have requested that public entities study all the initiatives and grants that allow the park’s activity to be promoted, “as has been done in other infrastructures in a similar way”. The representatives of the staff understand that this is the most suitable way to encourage the bankruptcy administration to facilitate the reopening of the park this coming summer.

They also urged the Benalmadense city council and the Junta de Andalucía -which are the competent administrations in this matter- that articulate the necessary procedures so that the land on which it is located Tívoli as well as the parking area, it can only be used in the future for recreational and leisure facilities, “thus eliminating the possibility of any urban speculation.”.

The amusement park has been providing entertainment services on the Costa del Sol for almost half a century to more than 30 million people who have passed through its facilities. A recreational activity, especially for children and young people, who have also been able to taste different culinary options in its thematic bars and restaurants, which add even more appeal to this icon of the Costa del Sol.

Next call, in Madrid

In case the shouts of protest from Benalmádena did not reach ears of the company that owns the Tívoli, on November 17 they will go to tell him face to face in Madrid, where, thanks to the organization of the unions, both the workers and all the neighbors who want to support them will move to protest in front of the offices it has Grupo Tremón in the Spanish capital.

They have also opened through a petition for signatures on understanding that “the future of Tívoli it is feasible, although for this it is necessary to assume a debt ”.  People who want to sign the petition and show their support for these families can do so through the link:

For its part, it should be remembered that the Benalmádena City Council, through its mayor, Víctor Navas, has shown that Tremón “it has the responsibility of taking care of the management of the park, both with its debts and with its benefits, because Tívoli it continues to be profitable, as was demonstrated again in 2020, when it opened only three months in a context of pandemic, economic crisis and capacity restrictions, and still achieved sufficient profitability to cover the operating expenses of a whole year ”. The mayor has been ensuring that if the owner of the Tívoliwants to open the park, he will have the Benalmádena City Council as an ally; “And if you do not want to open it and they do not offer a reasonable explanation, we will ensure the general interest.”

The Tívoli is an icon of tourism on the Costa del Sol, and for this reason the City Council proposed urban protection for the land in the Plenary session last August, in which a modification of elements of the PGOU was initially approved to guarantee that they can only be used as an amusement park. Such a circumstance, as revealed by municipal sources, has not sat well within the real estate company because, as they explained a few weeks ago from the Consistory, “we received a rather harsh letter from Tremón, because they understand that we have taken a measure that did not it corresponds to us, a statement with which we do not agree because the public powers must put a stop to speculation, and since in this case there is a possibility that it will occur, we have to fight against it ”.

In the event that the brake on the opening of the park is economic, the mayor already raised in his day the possibility of launching a working table together with the Board, Provincial Council, City Council and owners “to try to solve this aspect , because I believe that it is not in the spirit of any Administration to financially stifle a business project, but quite the opposite, but the most responsible and interested party, the current owner company, must show their willingness to seek that solution ”.

Regarding the figure of urban protection for the park proposed by the City Council, it does not prevent the development of new commercial or hotel spaces, so the Tívoli “could house a hotel or a commercial area, but everything must be linked to its continuity as an amusement park ”.



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