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Integral pizza with potato cheese

Our Chef Carla Garcíateaches us how to make wholemeal pizza with potato cheese, a great option for vegans and vegetarians


-12g Yeast

-6g sugar

-25g flour

-90g warm water

-250 g fine wholemeal flour

-50 g olive or sunflower oil

-175 g warm water

-8g salt

Part of the Procedure

We have made the ferment inside the dough, so we should not weigh the flour since just mixing it with a little of what is in the bowl would be. I would like to point out that it can be done separately and when it doubles we incorporate it in the center of the flour with the salt already mixed. 

Separate fermentation:
-1 step: Place the shredded yeast, sugar in contact, dissolve with warm water. Cover and let rest in a warm place to double its volume.

-2 step: We put the wholemeal flour, salt and mix, then we make a hole in the middle and add the ferment, oil and warm water.

-3 step: We mix the ingredients until they are all unified and form a bun, we begin to knead, until we achieve a smooth and elastic bun. 

-4th step: Let it rest in a bowl, covered with a bag and a kitchen towel in a warm place until it doubles its volume. 

-5th step: We remove and lower the dough with our fingers (this action is called degassing, we are extracting carbon dioxide), we divide it into the measures we need and let it rest on the counter covered.

-6th step: Then we stretch and place on the already oiled plates, sauce with cooked tomato.

-7th step: Let it rest for a few minutes and cook at 180º for 15m, with a preheated oven.



-2 medium potatoes 

-300g of sunflower oil




-1 step: cut the potatoes into cubes, cook at medium temp, until they are cooked.

-2 step: drain, place in a tube mold and add the oil little by little, at the same time we process to emulsify, until we obtain a creamy and chewy consistency, which simulates mozzarella.

-3rd step: place it on the already cooked pizzas and take it to the oven for a few minutes at 200º so that it gratins. 

We can also present them with sautéed vegetables, bell peppers and olives, etc.

Do not miss the elaboration with the step by step in this video:



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