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Unanimity to create the Sectoral Council of Social Services in Benalmádena

This morning the creation of the Sectorial Council of Social Services, a body of a consultative, informative and advisory nature, which was created with the aim of channeling the participation of citizens and their associations and organizations, was unanimously approved in the July plenary session. representatives of social interests in the municipality.

In the words of the Councilor for Social Welfare, Alicia Laddaga, “from the Government team we believe that the lines that should guide the social rights policy of this City Council must be based on the principles of equality, universalization and citizen participation.”

In the methodology that the council will follow, the City Council will be the main axis of the action of Social Services, and the different entities and associations that participate will contribute with their efforts and commitments.

The presidency of the Sectorial Council of Social Services will correspond to the mayor of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas. It will have the participation of a member of each of the political groups represented in the plenary session. There will be two representatives of the Social Services Directorate, one member for each of the most representative business organizations in the municipality, and for each of the trade union organizations represented in the City Council.

The council will also include the participation of representatives of the boards of directors of the centers for the active participation of the elderly, associations for people with disabilities, the AMPs, consumer associations, the Costa del Sol Health District, the Local Assembly of the Red Cross, Cáritas , Delegation of Social Services of the Board and intervention associations for the homeless, among other groups and associations of a social nature.

“The Social Services Sector Council will promote coordination between this delegation and the different non-profit entities, groups or associations with a scope of action in social action, in a dynamic and democratic relationship”, Laddaga assessed.



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