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Under the stars of Paris

Director: Claus Drexel

Year: 2020

Duration: 86 min.

Country: France

Script: Olivier Brunhes, Claus Drexel

Distribution : Catherine Frot, Dominique Frot, Mahamadou Yaffa, Jean-Henri Compère, Emilie Favre Bertini, Farida Rahouadj, Baptiste Amann

Genre: Drama

Music: Alexandra Harwood

Photography : : Philippe Guilbert

Producer: Archas Films, Maneki Films

Distributor in Spain : Adso Films

Music: Valentin Hadjadj

Release date : 23 de abril de 2021


As the city of London begins to recover after World War II, Christine (Catherine Frot) is a homeless person living in Paris. One winter night he finds Suli (Mahamadou Yaffa), an 8-year-old Eritrean boy, sobbing in front of his shelter and who does not speak French. United by their status as marginalized, both will embark on an emotional journey to try to find the child’s mother in Paris.


“Kaleidoscope of emotional concepts: intransigence, racism, indifference, despotic manners … but also understanding, solidarity, sentimentality … Two destitute beings given over to human warmth and united by what, at first, is a nuisance and at the end a burst of gratitude, kindness, affection and love. To raise awareness with immigration “

Paris, both in native films and in foreign productions, has been a nerve center when it comes to locating the actions of countless films. The image, in most cases, has always carried a certain aura of romanticism spiced up with the innate beauty of the city. From Ninotchka(1939) to Midnight in Paris (2011) she has often been idealized. The approach to Under the Paris Stars is different. Fundamentally because the topics it addresses are not typical of adorning oneself with aesthetic pleasures.

What is Under the stars of Paris talking about? Essentially, of two themes. La desamparada vida de los sintecho, y la no menos dura vida de los inmigrantes ilegales que llegan a Europa en busca de opportunities. Consequently, the film is not prone to tourist postcards.

Christine (Catherine Frot) is aclochard (a tramp, a homeless person) who lives in a den by the Seine. We see, in a few strokes, the day-to-day gray of women. Rather sullen and lonely, he survives on the streets as best he can. The shelter Christine lives in is close to the Seine and also borders an air vent for a metro line.

Suli (Mahamadou Yaffa) arrives at his “home”. a child disoriented and in need of help. He is a small immigrant of African originThen we will know that from Burkina Faso, of which we only know that he is looking for his mother. Christine welcomes the boy with the idea of ​​leaving in the morning, but their relationship will last longer.

In the endthere is a certain bet to find a poetic meaning in the world of the disinherited. Detail that reduces the rawness of the story and activates the precise mechanisms of the viewer to seek the greatest possible complicity

Next screening: November 18, 2021

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