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University students can now request aid to pay for transportation

The Councilor for Education, Pablo Centella, has offered a press conference to inform that the City Council is once again launching its aid program for the payment of the transport service that facilitates the movement to the University of Malaga (UMA) for Benalmadena students.

“This year we are a little late because we could not start the procedure until it was agreed that the students would return to face-to-face classes this year,” he explained.

The M-116 bus has been running since the beginning of the course, and can be used regardless of whether or not the subsidy is received from the City Council. For this call, the deadline for submitting applications will end on November 15, and they may be submitted through the electronic headquarters or at the two Citizen Service Offices.

Those students registered in Benalmádena with a minimum of two years old, who are studying university studies and have not received another transport grant from another body or public or private entity, can opt for these subsidies, and prove that they are within the level of income that establishes the basis of the call.

As reported by the IU councilor, beneficiaries who go to the Teatinos campus on line M-116 will receive a total of 126.56 euros from October to December, from January to March 131.08 euros, and from April to May 83, 62 euros.

In the same way, students who use another bus line, or attend classes in El Ejido by metro or Cercanías, will receive a higher subsidy for the transfers they require: from October to December a total of 199.36 euros, of January to March 206.48 euros, and from April to May 131.72 euros.

“This aid program is important to support and offer facilities to students, especially for those families with greater economic difficulties, thus promoting equal opportunity”, Centella has valued.



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