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Vladimir Merino presents his book ‘La Colombiana’ in Madrid

The writer Vladimir Merinohas presented his new work La Colombiana at the Prince of Asturias Hall of theAsturian Center in Madrid.

During the event, the writer who has lived in Benalmádena for decades, where he is actively involved in different cultural and artistic associations, delved into the motivations that led him to write this book and about the objectives that this new novelhas set for himself, as well as discussing at length together with Santiago Losada about literature in general and its influence on culture.

La Colombiana is the only novel written by Merino that is not of a historical genre but it does have much of the current reality in society. In this book, the writer delves into sensitive issues such as immigration or gender violence.

In fact, it puts readers in the shoes of immigrant women. In La Colombiana, the author collects the dramas and obstacles encountered along the way by many of the women who travel to Spain in search of a better future for their families and who sometimes go through a real hell separated from their loved ones for years loved ones and their children, with the sole purpose of sending money to their relatives so that they can survive in their country of origin.

A few days ago, Merino presented this new book in Benalmádena together with Balas y Violines, in which he immerses readers in an exciting story that brilliantly connects with Benalmádena.  You can read the news here.



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