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Volunteers visit the Cudeca Palliative Care Center

As every year, the Volunteer Department of the Cudeca Foundation organizes the visit of its volunteers to the Palliative Care Center. This is an activity that is very well received by the volunteers since they know first-hand where all their work is directed and what is made possible thanks to it.

On May 25, 26 and 30, 160 volunteers who collaborate in the different Cudeca volunteer programs, mainly in charity shops, traveled from different parts of the province of Malaga by bus and were able to learn about “the way special care” of the Foundation.

María Luisa Martín, manager and Medical Director, and Rafael Olalla, assistant manager and Financial Director of the Cudeca Foundation, have presented the history of Cudeca, the results of last year, as well as the upcoming projects that Cudeca is working on. Also, healthcare professionals verbally expressed their gratitude to the volunteers.

The novelty this year has been the recently completed Joan Hunt Auditorium located in the Cudeca Institute and which will be able to accommodate 162 people, functioning as a concert hall and other activities.

The visit of volunteers is also, without a doubt, a space in which volunteers from different programs and localities can get to know each other, share experiences and value their volunteer work, since they are an essential part of the Cudeca team.  

Cudeca Foundation

A disease in an advanced state involves changes and challenges in all aspects of people’s lives, which is why comprehensive care is required. Cudeca has different care areas and assistance programs that provide personalized and continuous care according to the needs of each moment and of each person. The teams are made up of doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers and physical therapists specializing in palliative care and attend to every aspect of patient care in detail, respecting their wishes and preferences. Cudeca’s commitment is to ensure the necessary care so that each patient can live their life with quality and dignity until the end.



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