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Webhelp plans to expand the technological ‘hub’ located in Plaza Solymar in Benalmádena Costa

The mayor, Víctor Navas, visitedthis morning the facilities of the Webhelp Center – world leader in customer experience (CX) and business solutions provider – in Plaza Solymar in Benalmádena Costato maintain a meeting with the deputy of the French National Assembly for the fifth constituency of the French established outside of France, Stéphane Vojetta, covering Spain, Portugal, Andorra and Monaco.

The deputy has traveled today to Benalmádena to lend his support to companies created and directed by French that hire both local and foreign personnel. On the other hand, the mayor has been accompanied on the visit by the Councilor for Urban Planning and Buildings, María Isabel Ruiz; and the Councilor for Commerce, Javier Marín.

After this meeting, Navas announced that Webhelp plans to expand this technological hub.The arrival of Webhelp has led to the start of the transformation of Plaza Solymar, which the Government team is committed to: we want to support and facilitate the conversion of this urban space into a business center, an attractive claim for the arrival of new companies in Benalmádena, which will thus be able to invest and carry out their business in a unique environment such as the Costa del Sol”, declared the mayor.

In this sense, he recalled that “the arrival of Webhelp in Benalmádena was produced thanks to the efforts of this Government team, which from the local Administration put all the resources so that the project could be developed with agility and speed”.

In Spain, Webhelp also has offices in Barcelona, ​​Mallorca, Valencia and Tenerife and, according to its website, it recorded revenues of 185 million euros in 2020, 23% more than in 2019. From its headquarters in Benalmádena, the Webhelp staff in Malaga is made up of people of nearly 30 nationalities offering B2B services mainly to companies in the banking and insurance, information technology, hightech and construction sectors, with a strong international projection. , and has the goal of becoming a growth and talent attraction pole for the region.

The Webhelp Center has various subdivisions that work in various countries, such as France. Specifically,the French division currently has about 200 employees of the 600 currently working in this center. In the words of the mayor, “for us it is very important to generate this type of synergies to facilitate the creation of employment and wealth in Benalmádena”.

Navas recalled that Benalmádena currently has some 600 registered French citizens, “of which several dozen work with Webhelp in this center, which offers technical support to clients of international banks or telecommunications companies.”

Coast Remodeling Project

The mayor has taken advantage of his visit to the center today to inform the management about the latest advances in the remodeling project of the coastal façade on which the City Council is working. “From Webhelp Benalmádena they have communicated their support for the Antonio Machado avenue remodeling project, a commitment to sustainable mobility and the creation of new green and recreational spaces in complete harmony with their business project”, Navas commented.

“From the municipal government we continue to create the ideal conditions to attract international companies of this type that diversify the productive fabric, attract new residents and help Benalmádena not depend solely on tourism to generate employment and wealth”, declared the mayor.

For his part, Stéphane Vojetta has assessed that “any bridge between France and Spain is always positive: investments represent a very important resource to bring people closer together, and it is a pleasure to see how a French company successfully settles in this country and offers new Job opportunities”.



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