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What to do on Halloween in Benalmádena and how our foreign neighbors celebrate it

In Benalmádena, as in the rest of Spain, the celebration of Halloween is spreading more and more, becoming a special date on our calendar. This party is usually thought to be North American, but there are many voices that point out that it had its origin in Ireland. Although the majority of Benalmadenses are looking forward to this celebration to put on their most terrifying costumes and enjoy the schedule of activities prepared for that night, there are people who have an atrocious fear of Halloween, a phobia called samhainophobia.

Ole Benalmádena qIt wants to inform you about what you cannot miss on this night of terror in the city and also, to do a brief review of how our foreign neighbors would celebrate it if they were in their hometowns. And why not, maybe we can take an idea and incorporate it into the Benalmadan agenda for next year.

In Benalmádena Pueblo, there will be a parade that will go through the Jardines del Muro, the main streets and the Plaza de las Tres Culturas, with a first children’s pass at 6:00 p.m. and a second at 8:00 p.m. On the other hand, at 7:00 p.m. there will also be a children’s storyteller at the door of the Pre-Columbian Museum.

The organizer of the event, Nuria  Zamora, explained that “we have organized a parade symbolically titled Silence, for all that we have lived and felt in recent months, which will tour the streets of the town with characters who participated in previous editions of the Ruta del Terror, and we will have live music from a batucada ”. The parade will conclude in the Jardines del Muro, where the public will be able to enjoy an audio story, narrated by Francisco Beltrán, entitled El Gato Negro, a version of the popular story by Edgar Allan Poe.

In Arroyo de la Miel, the parade, which will start from the Tívoli parking lot, will be from 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. According to Jorge Fernández, organizer of this activity in the center, “this Halloween in the parade that will run through the streets of Arroyo de la Miel we are going to recover characters from all previous editions of the Mansion of Terrorsuch as Astaroth, Dracula, Annabelle, the Circus of Terror, the Cemetery, the Hospital, among others ”.

On the other hand, young people will be able to participate in the mysterious route that will take place through the streets of Benalmádena Pueblo on October 29 with two passes, one of them at 9:00 p.m. and the other at 11:00 p.m. Registration is totally free for the young people of the municipality, being an activity preferably for people up to 30 years old, and there will be an availability of 60 places, 30 for each pass. Citizens who are interested in participating in this activity, must register through the email  or by calling the Innova center phone number, 952 445 329.

The City Council has made an appeal to individual responsibility: “We must avoid crowds, and continue to use the mask also outdoors when safety distances cannot be kept.”

“We appreciate the collaboration of the professionals of the emergency and security services, both the Local Police and Firefighters as well as the Civil Protection volunteers”, highlighted the Councilor for Celebrations, Pilar Ramírez, who also thanked the citizens “for their involvement in these parties “, in addition to apologizing” for the inconvenience that this festive day may cause. “

In the United Kingdom

Halloween is a holiday that stands out in the United Kingdom because it is celebrated there in style. They follow the traditions that children ask for sweets from house to house and decorate homes with horror themes, among many other activities that are organized from all areas around this celebration. During this day dishes are eaten that must remind of potions and spells, among them stands out, for example, the witch’s elixir-a recipe based on blueberry, carrot, grape and orange juice-, the Halloween worms, witch fingers, eye ball, cookie skeletons and pumpkin bread.

One of the strangest traditions that is carried out especially among young people in the UK is that of lighting a candle and standing in front of a mirror while trying to peel the entire skin of an apple in one go. It seems to be believed that if women succeed, they will have the ability to see their future husbands in the mirror.

In Germany

In Germany Halloween was already known after the end of the Second World War because the Americans were in charge of bringing their pumpkins and skeletons to German culture, but it began to really celebrate from 1991 because, in the middle of the Gulf War, in Germany it was suspended the carnival that was celebrated in the open air and as a way to fill the gap that it left in the market, the Halloween party was incorporated. Arguably the biggest party there is at the castle that inspired Marie Shelley to write her famous novel Frankenstein

Perhaps due to the Lutheran tradition, there are many Germans who do not look favorably on this celebration and for that reason, it is not very usual for little ones to go around the houses asking for sweets. As a curiosity, it should be noted that in many German cities celebrations are held in honor of the pumpkin, but obviously they have nothing to do with the American traditions around this vegetable.

In Finland

Finland also has a tradition of decorating everything with a terrifying theme for Halloween and contests and parties are organized, but especially for the little ones in the house. What not everyone knows is that there what has great roots and coincides with Halloween is the Kekri.

Kekri is the Finnish autumn festival, possibly its origins and roots lie in the ancient agricultural activity: the celebrations of the harvest and the new year. Relative to Halloween, or one of those closest to the days of the Dead and All Saints, is celebrated in the period from October to November. It is a festival of the dead, of the finished, which is celebrated by the living.

In China

There the party becomes something different from what we are used to seeing around here. The usual thing in China is that delicious banquets are prepared and people go out to make offerings to their deceased relatives to help them on their journey to the afterlife. In the houses, photographs of loved ones, who are no longer there, are put on a table as an altar and incense is burned. In the Asian country, the Halloween party is known as Teng Chieh and is more of a holiday aimed at recollecting and remembering the deceased. Worshipers in Buddhist temples design the well-known paper boats of law and then burn them at night to “free” the spirits of the dead.

In Norway

Here, too, Halloween is celebrated in abundance through a large schedule of nightly events and there are even museums that open at night not only to be visited by culture lovers, but also to host children’s costume parties. Different night walks are organized around fortresses and historical buildings where the legends of ghosts and spirits are told.

In Japan

In Japan it has perhaps happened like in Spain, which until a few years ago was not given much importance to the Halloween party. Nowadays they do dress up and decorate everything that can be decorated, but with the particularity that originality is more important to them than horror motifs, that is, it is more like a carnival.

In Romania

In this country is the most terrifying building on the planet, which is none other than Count Dracula’s castle. The novel by Bram Stoker  popularized Bran Castle in the city of Basov and you can imagine the one that is mounted every Halloween around the castle, where thousands of people spend the night looking for the spirit of the famous vampire.

In Mexico

Due to the North American influence, it began to celebrate Halloween on October 31, but Mexico has two days where the Day of the Dead is celebrated. The two festivals have a certain similarity. In this country it is a day to happily remember loved ones and that is why color is the main protagonist in altars, parades and in the decoration of smiling skulls, because if the usual thing for most mortals is linking Halloween with the pumpkin, in Mexico what prevails are the skulls. The symbolic character of the Day of the Dead is Catrina, which is a skeleton of a woman dressed in seventeenth-century clothing, which usually carries many flowers.

In U.S.A

The Halloween party overflows with all its splendor in the United States. And that’s where the famous Halloween pumpkin comes from, which is called Jack Lantern and which has become an icon of popular culture. Although there are several legends, one of the most popular is the one that tells that Jack he was a farmer whose soul was destined to wander for eternity because he had many sins at his back and of course, they didn’t want him in heaven and neither in hell, because Jack had made fun of the devil. It seems that the demon gave him a burning coal that would never go out to accompany him forever, and Jack placed it inside a pumpkin.

American Witches’ Day is popular with adults and children alike, and since the beginning of October everything has been decorated with a horror theme. Children play trick-or-treating and if you don’t give them candy or sweets when they come to your house, get ready to suffer some mischief. There is also a lot of haunted house there, so the date is ideal for the routes and visits to these places to be increased. In general, the entertainment offer for Halloween in the United States is overwhelming at best.



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