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When Pajares and Esteso ‘tangled’ her in Benalmádena

Do you know that Benalmádena has served as a set for filming films from all over the world? The director of Ficcab, Jaime Noguera, will discover in a series of articles that another facet of Benalmádena as a filming set

Jaime Noguera

At the beginning of the 80s, Amador (Andrés Pajares), Fidel (Fernando Esteso) and Eduardo (Antonio Ozores), dedicated themselves to acting as scammers on the beaches of the Costas del Sol. Cinematographically, of course.

In the film Los liantes (1981), a production of the legendary Ízaro Films, directed by the brilliant Antonio Ozores, two textbook rogues were carrying out half-baked scams while Fidel’s wife, one day, suddenly threatened to leave him if he didn’t change his chaotic way of life. Here the drama arose (to call it in some way) that the protagonists had to face. As a coup, the pair of rogues tried to fool a superstitious millionaire, making him believe that Amador is an amulet-man who could get him out of his gambling losing streak. And, as you can imagine, dear readers, that was out of the question. They even got into the business of selling good luck!

The tape, full of young ladies in minor cloths, in short, would have a very difficult place on screens today, since the acts of some of the characters would legally fall within the framework of the crime of sexual abuse.

The fact that it was a blockbuster after its premiere is a good reflection of what Spanish society was like in the 70s and 80s, but we are not here to talk about this.

What comes out of Benalmádena?

Little, but what comes out is iconic. The air conditioning boilers of the Torrequebrada Casino (one of the pioneers of Málaga after opening its doors in April 1979) as well as its games room, are the scene of the tribulations of Amador and Fidel, at least when they change from chasing baba viva (these were pre-microdrops times loaded with Coronavirus) to poor Swedish tourists for cheating sheikhs or rich people who leave their fortunes in roulette wheels and black jacks.

Thus, Benalmádena became the setting for a new blockbuster by Pajares and Esteso. Perhaps a viewer with a good memory will be able to identify some of the beaches or buildings that appear throughout the footage, or the gas station with a lavatory tunnel where a large sign indicates Benalmádena. If so, say so. We are all eyes.

If you remember a shoot, have a photo or information about the recording of a movie in Benalmádena, help us make it known by contacting Jaime Noguera at cybernoguera@yahoo.es



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