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X Edition of the 24 nautical hours

Last Sunday, September 12, the awards ceremony for the participants in the 10th Edition of the 24 Nautical Hours of Benalmádena-Costa del Sol Trophy took place at noon at the Nautical Center of the Port of the town.

In a relaxed and camaraderie atmosphere, the ceremony was presided over by the manager of the Puerto Deportivo de Benalmádena, Manuel J. Jiménez, who highlighted the large influx of sailors to this competition, despite the fact that the weather conditions were not the best due to the low intensity of the wind on both days, which did not prevent the participants from completing the coastal circuit designed by the organization.

For his part, Sergio González, manager and sports director of the Club Náutico Marítimo de Benalmádena, highlighted the good attitude of the participants and recalled that the first of the regattas, held on Saturday, is scored for the Regularity Circuit organized by all years the entity.

Thus, in category ORC 1 the sailboat Filu prevailed, followed by Vikingo and Silke. In ORC 2 the victory was for Maratón 2, while the second position was occupied by Mito and Amor Fati was third. Regarding the Free modality, the Maratón 2 sailboat was the best classified, followed by Nausicaa.

The event concluded with a family photo and a few words of gratitude to collaborators and sponsors for their contribution to make these regattas possible for another year.



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