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Yasmina Rachid, new general secretary of the Socialist Youth in Benalmádena

Yasmina Rachid has just been appointed by the local assembly as the new General Secretary of the Andalusian Socialist Youth (JSA) in Benalmádena. Together with her, in the JSA of Benalmádena Estrella Marín will be the secretary of Organization and Equality, and Joaquín Gosálvez the secretary of Formation and Historical Memory.

Rachid thanked “the support and opportunity that my colleagues and colleagues give me” and stated that “from my new responsibility I hope to transfer to the party the issues that most concern the youth of Benalmadena, such as employment or access to housing”.

As he explained, among the priority objectives that have been set in this new stage, the commitment to greater participation and the organization of open assemblies stand out. “We want to open up more to Benalmadena society, and for this reason we have already started a round of contacts with various associations in the municipality, to collaborate in the organization of activities such as waste collection”, Rachid announced.

For his part, the general secretary of the local PSOE and mayor of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas, congratulated Yasmina Rachid on her appointment and assessed that “she is a young woman fully committed to the improvement and progress of our society”.



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