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YOUTH: Diocesan Youth Meeting in Benalmádena

With the arrival of the month of May, many expectations begin to be fulfilled. Since the month of November we have been able to contemplate a Cross and an Icon of the Virgin that has been accompanying us through different parishes, so that we all realize that it is worth always looking forward, although it is true, you like me, there are times that we like to look back and recall I don’t know how many situations. But reality makes us see that a great future is opening up in front of us.

For this reason I want to encourage you to participate in this experience, both old and new for Benalmádena. And I encourage you with two syllables: the first, one that sounds like a complaint: (the author makes the play on words in Spanish) ¡JO! And the second is a verb that encourages you to find new paths, directions and illusions for your life. ¡VEN!

This is how the spectrum to which all the effort is directed is formed, which will bring together a great multitude of color, noise, hubbub, faith and life this Saturday, May 14: and that word is none other than:  YOUNG

Yes, you, who participate from your faith in the life of your parish, you who transmit your desire to live in a certain way and having Christ as the center of your activities, you, who many times see your desires frustrated but do not let to fight for them, you who do not see exits and only see walls, but who manage to try to find ways to jump over them…. YOUNG.

But for you, what  perhaps you have not yet discovered what faith means or that your experience or that of your surroundings have not stimulated you to be able to live from it, yes, I also encourage you to join those nearly 700 young people this Saturday between 15 and 35 years old, that we are going to meet in our Benalmádena, to live friendship, with simplicity but with joy, to encourage us to live from faith, to meet and celebrate that Christ lives and continues walking by our side, to see, that although they tell us no, there is a lot of youth committed to making a much more humane world… for you who say: another roll… Well, I tell you too. YOUNG.

And so with you, me and everyone else, we will embark on this new path that is opening up ahead of us, and which will continue this summer, following the Camino de Santiago. Are you going to come with us? Is the Camino de Santiago coolest for you?… Well, come this Saturday and we are going to prepare everything.

Our motto:  YOUNG: GET UP and GO

All you need is desire, happiness and… see you on Saturday.

Information about the meeting: HERE




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