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La Paloma school wins the ‘Little recyclers’ campaign by recycling one ton of glass

La Paloma school has been the winner of the Los Peque Recicladores campaign launched by Ecovidrio with the aim of raising awareness from the classrooms of the importance of recycling. The students of this benalmadense educational center have managed to recycle half of the 2,122 kilos of glass that they have added among all the participating schools in the city.

This morning, the mayor, Víctor Navas; and the RSU councilor, Juan Carrillo, visited Ceip La Paloma to deliverthe prize for this campaign to the management of the center: a check for 1,200 euros that will be allocated to the acquisition of educational material.

During the development of the campaign, a total of 2,122 kilos of glass were collected, and the students of the Ceip La Paloma contributed a ton, «which has made them the winners of the contest with a comfortable difference», the mayor celebrated, who pointed out that Tomillar was second, followed by Novaschool.

The first mayor also highlighted that «this type of initiative serves as a transmission belt for an important message: to sensitize the public about the importance of recycling glass through the youngest ones, who are the ones who put the greatest effort into it and involve their parents and the rest of the family ”.

«We want to congratulate La Paloma school for its effort in gathering more than a ton of glass during the campaign,» Carrillo celebrated, who has made an appeal to the educational centers that have not participated in this edition to join the next ones.

The event was attended by the director of Ceip La Paloma, Tomás Rueda, who stated that “we are very happy with the participation of both students and families: we welcome Ecovidrio’s proposal to reinforce our line of work of care and respect for environment».

Regarding the development of the campaign in the educational center, its director confessed that «it has surpassed us becausethe boys and girls have turned to the project, coming every day with the glass bottle from the day before.»

This initiative has had a participation of 2,500 schoolchildren belonging to five educational centers in the municipality, and for the development of the campaign, which took place from October 25 to December 10, a contest was launched with the aim of becoming the school with the most awareness and recycling of glass containers, explained the area manager of Ecovidrio, Jesús Gutiérrez.

To help achieve the objective, all participating centers were provided with green cubes decorated with the image of the campaign and personalized with the name of the school. In addition to this collection of glass containers, there have been face-to-face activities and interactive contests in each of the participating centers. Both activities, the face-to-face ones and the ratio of glass containers collected by Primary students, have determined the winner and the winners of the campaign.

The participating schools have been Colegio Internacional Torrequebrada, Ceip Mariana Pineda, Ceip La Paloma, Ceip El Tomillar and Colegio Novaschool Benalmádena.



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